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    I recently installed a motorized system (32" fortec, SG1200 and Mercury II). I am in Atlanta Georgia Lat=35, long = 84. I am able to track most satellites from 58 W to about 107W. Beyond that I think the tree block the signals. I am afraid to mess with this further in case I lose it all.

    I am getting signal level = 85 and signal quality = between 50 - 60 on an average.

    Question" Is this NORMAL or do I need to go and tweak even further. The only issue I have is that sometimes on Galaxy 25 (mostly arabic channels) the signal quality drops to around 40-45 and I get bad quality pictures. But then after a few hours it goes back to Sig quality 50-60 and I am back in business

    SHOULD I JUST LEAVE IT ALONE? or mess with it further. I am in Atlanta Georgia.

    Thanks for sharing your experience

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    If the Arabic channels are the main channels you will be watching, you may have to tweak your alignment a little.

    It could also that the wind is causing the trees to partially block the signal from G25. Your option will be to trim the tree a little.
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