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    I realize that STO(SportsTimeOhio) is a small regional station however I would love for Dish Network to broadcast Indians games in High Definition. I emailed STO to see if they even had an HD feed and the response I got was amazing. Below you will find our email correspondance.

    Do you have any plans to produce Indians games in HD? I live in Ohio and love my Tribe, back to the days of Brook Jacoby when I first became a fan as a kid, however I will opt for another baseball game or other sport as long as it is in High Def. I encourage STO to get into the HD playing field sooner than later. Sincerely, XXXX

    We carry all of the Indians home games in HD, along with all games broadcast on WKYC Channel 3 for a total of 88 games this season. This is more than most MLB teams with the exception of the Yankees and Red Sox.

    Thank you

    My Response:
    I do not live in Cleveland and therefore cannot pull the WKYC signal to enjoy the Tribe in HD. Are there any deals to get the HD signal to Dish Network so I can watch the Tribe in HD in Central Ohio? Dish Network has currently added several regional sports networks in HD to their lineups, however STO is not one of them.

    Thanks for your time and help.

    Thanks for taking the time to email SportsTime Ohio.

    STO will televise approximately 65 Indians games (all home games from Jacobs Field on STO) this season in High Definition. We offer the HDTV feed to every cable and satellite affiliate, including Dish Network. I’d suggest that you call or email them to see why they do not offer our HD games to their subscribers as this is the only way for them to know what their customers want. I believe they may have capacity or technical issues to overcome.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding STO. Thank you.
    Vice President
    Affiliate Relations & Distribution
    SportsTime Ohio

    I chose not to post this gentlemans name, however I'm sure you all could find it if you tried. I would like to see my other Ohio satguys email Dish Network and push for this channel to be broadcast in HD as the Dish down rezzed SD version looks terrible and makes it hard to watch the Tribe!

    It was great to get an honest reply. I will be forwarding this correspondance to the Dish Network CEO email address.

    Now that I've popped my comment cherry I'm looking forward to more discussion.

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