Symphonic TV remote code

Discussion in 'The DIRECTV Forum' started by techno935, Feb 4, 2007.

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    I have the RC23 DirecTV remote with a D11 DirecTV receiver set up for my sister.

    Tried both codes for the Symphonic brand TV and both don't work. Any idea on how to find out if there is a possible working code for that brand? Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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  2. Slick Vic

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    try doing the search,

    put it in tv mode
    enter 991 let it blink
    enter 1 let it blink
    then hit channel up til tv goes off
    once tv goes off hit select and the code is locked

    if ur tv has av inputs, do the same thing except enter 960 and select.
    then try using the tv input button to see if it works.

    this should work if your tv isnt a combo (ie tv/vcr, tv/dvd), if so then you should use both tv codes and other component codes in av mode and av1 mode, i suggest looking on and find the manual for that specific remote.
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  3. Edmund

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    Try the Sears tv codes

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