TV IR Receiver Sensor not working?

Discussion in 'Television Sets and Projectors' started by godfather818, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Hey guys. I have a Sylvania TV. The remote control isnt working. I changed the batteries, tried 5 other universal remotes and still doesnt work. So I concluded it must the be the IR sensor in the TV thats not working. How can I fix this? Can I open up the TV and look for a problem? I have another TV I dont use, can I take out the IR from that TV and put it into the Sylvania. Its a great TV, everything works but cant control it with a remote, also can't put int video1, video2 since sylvania doesnt have any of those buttons in front of the TV. Thanks guys.
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    Did you check to be sure a florescent light is not shining on the IR sensor?
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