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    This morning I entered the "Ultra Violet" codes from the blu-ray discs I received for Christmas into VUDO. I must admit I really like this new in the cloud service and being able to stream my new discs on many other devices.

    Doing so made me think more about Walmart's VUDO DVD to digital service and am now thinking about taking some of my favorite DVD's to Walmart to convert to digital. Has anyone done this and if so how good is the service? Any regrets? I'm even thinking about converting some and selling the discs to save space having outdated SD DVD discs laying around.
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    It's vudu...

    I have used the disc to digital a few times and even "traded" with people. Works well and is pretty painless as long as the rep at Walmart can follow simple instructions. Also it is faster if you do a trade in list and set it up online. They don't even verify the DVD in the case is actually the movie, they just look at case and check for a DVD.
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