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Discussion in 'Free To Air (FTA) Discussion' started by ussexplroer, Mar 7, 2013.

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    So after all the cheap stuff going around I decided to order it. I have not ordered any satellite equitment for a few years. The closet thing I got was purchasing a vintage sat meter. One that would be used in the early 90's to aim large buds & some rg6 cables from the local thrift store.

    New items via ebay.

    NS741u C & Ku Universal ku band lnbf.

    Conical Scaler ring & lnb bracket c to ku band kit.

    X2 premiun HD pvr Satellite Receiver.

    So I'm going to play around trying to setup a minibud. First on a 39" dish since that is what I use. I also have a 1.2m dish but no way to put it up yet. I read about how I should have probably got a cband only lnbf. But this is for playing around and if I get a few more channels. I'll be happy.

    As for the sat receiver not sure how much use it will be. I know there is a few dvb-s2 signals floating around ku band. (feeds.) so we will see how that goes. I have not heard of any talk of hd on ku so I hope there is something.

    Now the ns741u has white springs international on it. I would going to ask if that is from our sponser or not. I know alot of these ebay dealers are either the sponser or they purchase/order in bulk and it is ship directly from the warehouse. I have wanted to ask that question. When I ordered my first dish years ago I found out it came from California from one of the sponsers back then.



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    There is quite a bit of HD on Ku Band. Many occasional HD feeds, but NBC (103W) and PBS (125W) have 24/7 HD channels.
  3. turbosat

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    Yep you musta been out of it for awhile, there's hd signals all over the birds now, mostly occasional but definitely there.
  4. skysurfer

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    and unfortunately a lot more encrypted for a lot of occasional feeds. Still quite a bit of stuff in SD and HD to watch and enjoy though.

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