WOUC-TV commercial power outage (DIRECTV forum)

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by ZacharyAllenReynolds, May 20, 2013.

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    WOUC-TV is off the air due to a commercial power outage. Message on DIRECTV: NO NEED TO CALL US. Service will be restored as soon as technical difficulties are resolved. Please check this channel periodically for status. SORRY FOR THE INTERRUPTION. ------------------------------------------------ DISH Network: Sorry for the interruption of service. There is no need to call us. We are aware that this TV station is temporarily unavailable and we will have this channel back as quickly as possible. 8759014139_333fbff94b_o_d.jpg 8759014211_be0535ffe5_o_d.jpg 8759014001_ac12855dc6_o_d.jpg
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