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    Dish was working fine. Then all of a sudden turn TV on and No recepetion

    I’m going with a bad LNB or improper configuration of the DP44 and solo node. Can you provide a picture or schematic of your setup? One of the whiz-bang folks on this site can certainly help if they have this information.
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    NHL TV for Center Ice subscribers - Qualifying Round

    Same here. I guess there was a lag in the authentication process. All good now!
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    NHL TV for Center Ice subscribers - Qualifying Round

    Same here. I was unable to authenticate using NHL.TV. Going to hop on a chat with Dish to get NHL-CI posted on my account so it does authenticate. EDIT: I tried doing this by chat....a disaster. First the agent wanted to add MLB-Extra Innings to my package, then told me about blackout...
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    Scripps Stations dispute?

    WKBW (ABC-7) off of Dish here in Western Ny. Brian Nelson, Dish Group President on a loop, taking a hard line and explaining the streaming/OTA options. On a related note, Charter-Spectrum just announced an increase in it’s broadcast network surcharge here in Western NY by $2.95 a month from...
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    So is D!SH moving satellites? . . . Scam Call . . .

    I have zip disks from the 90s and a USB ZipDrive. I recently tried to retrieve some data from them. My Win10 machine wouldn’t even recognize the drive. I didn’t have time to research whether or not there were drivers available or if Win10 will support them at all.
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    Hopper & No Internet

    Be careful of any data caps on her cell phone plan. A typical movie in HD can use up to ~4-5gb of data per 2 hour movie. If she exceed the cap she will either get throttled down to 3G speed or pay through the nose in overage charges. Edit: charlesrshell you are a smart guy and I’m sure knew this.
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    Is My Hopper trying to phone home?

    Along with your viewing habit data. Such is life.
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    Let me clarify. My comment was directed more at if there is a season played this year and fans are not in the stands there will presumably more viewers, higher ad revenue, etc.
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    I guess they have to make up for lost ticket sales and also get their share of what one would think be increased advertising revenue because of more eyeballs on the screen.
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    Equipment verification

    Jamaica, NY of course. #smiles
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    I just renewed online.

    I’ve had Select Lite for the past couple of years (6 mos. @ $30 plus fees). When I made my usual call in February to “cancel” my subscription I was offered the full 12-mo. Select plan for $60 plus fees, streaming included. This is now commonly offered when you call or go online to cancel. I’ve...
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    Hopper 3 low volume for satellite but good volume for YouTube App

    I have this same problem with the differences in volume between sources on the H3.
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    Dying HWS

    Will I "sense" a little red light in my head during recordings? Will it be like VR without the peripherals?
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    Anyone else cutting back their Dish service due to lack of sports?

    I don't see the NHL regular season starting up again and (maybe) they go right into a playoff of some kind. They might play some limited regular season games so that all teams play the same number to set the playoff brackets. My hope is that they will give credit or a discount on next...