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    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced Satellite Meter.
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    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO!
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    Hey Everybody With H3 OTA Problems

    I got my email sent in. No pixcelation while watching live ota, but when watching the recording I get pixcelation.
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    Hopper 3 - What 3 Things Would You Change?

    1. No Home screen out of standby. 2. Option to turn off Ad banner. 3. Increase swap banner to 6 tuners.
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    What is your Wireless Joey experience like?

    There is no coax port on the Wireless Joey.
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    issues accessing SatelliteGuys though Tapatalk app?

    Not working on my note 4 or note tablet.
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    What would happen if DISH drops Viacom?

    I would not miss any of those.
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    2 hoppers

    It's not allowed and no way around it.
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    New UI and equipment

    I saw the new UI, but missed the new Joey in the commercial.
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    HWS w/ Super Joey question

    Only 1 device can watch at a time.
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    Hopper Loses Resume Function

    I just swap and rewind. I usually watch a lot of live tv, so when a commercial comes on, I just swap to another channel.
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    Hopper Loses Resume Function

    Settings/Diagnostics/Multi-Swap/On will give you the multi swap banner and allows you to add up to 4 channels (with Super Joey). If I am swapping between 2 channels the pause usually works. If I try swapping using 3 or more the pause usually don't stay. This allows you to have up to 4...
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    SEC network / dish anywhere

    I just checked it's on 404-1, playing ok on an Android dish anywhere app.
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    DISH Anywhere App Updated with New Interface, Enhanced Personalization Capabilities (PR)

    On the old format, you could select the show from the guide and it gave you the option to watch on device or TV. Now if you select watch it starts on your device automatically. If you want to watch the show on the TV you must select more then watch before you get the option to watch on TV. It...
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    DISH(R) and A+E NETWORKS(R) Agree to Multi-Year Renewal

    This will be nice, H2 is the only thing that keeps me in the Top 250 package. I may lower my package to the Top 200 when the changes start.