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    HD Channels Moving?

    HD Channels Moving I noticed on Sunday night when I got back home that I had not HD channels as well. I have the H10 receiver and when I went to system setup, I noticed that there was a software upgrade done on 8/9. Seemed like this reset the box to the factory defaults. Once I reconfigured...
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    Black Outs

    I have the same receiver for a week now and switched over to hdmi cable today for the first time and then the same problem started happening. Spoke to the folks at Value Electronics and they told me it is a known problem with the H10 receiver. D* is supposed to download a software upgrade...
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    Comcast On-Screen Guide Help

    Menu; Main Menu; Setup; Guide Colors Setup
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    Am I getting the BEST deal I can from Comcast???

    I just got their Digital Premier package (Includes all the movie channels), HD DVR and second HD receiver for a total of $95.15 a month for the next 16 months (Dish buy back program $400 off for the next 16 months). Didn't have to turn any equipment in. Benji
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    stb reboots whenever I switch channel 5-1 to 7-1 or back!

    I am in Boston and I noticed the same thing as well. I didn't think anything about until now that you mentioned it. I'll try hiding 5-11 and see if the problem goes away. Benji
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    Which Multiswitch for Voom?

    I am currently using a multiswitch that I bought from a local electronics store (you do it electronics). I paid $40 for it. The salesman did not want to sell it to me when he found out that I was not going to be using it on D*. He was so sure that I was going to return it since he was adamant...
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    What switch does Voom use for multi receiver installs?

    It is the same as the one use for DirecTV, I picked one up here (Boston) at You do it Electronics for $40. The salesman did not want to sell it to me because he was adamant that it will not work on anything other than DirecTV. When I insited that I am taking it anyway, he was positive that I...
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    Any BOSTON metro VOOMers?

    I am in Dorchester and have been installed since December 19. OTA is great I get all the Boston Channels, but none of the NH ones that they have me map for. My install was done by installs inc, a guy out of NH. He knew what he was doing and I was up and running within 2 hrs. If you like...
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    The good news & the bad news

    A CSR told me that the reason VOOM does not ship the equipment to end users is that "if it is not "professionally" install, it voids the 2 year warranty that VOOM is giving us as part of the promotional package. Benji