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    771 error

    The error message won't go away until the error is corrected. Simple. There is no setting that you can choose that will turn off the error message or reconfigure your system to work in a different way. You will either have to fix the actual problem or live with the message.
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    Returning Receivers after cancelling???

    Whatever, Claude. It's been free for quite some time. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    price hike and no relief for a customer fo almost 10 years

    Call back, tell them you are thinking about canceling and ask to be transferred to their retention department. Then discuss with the retention department your dilemma. They ate more likely to help you than the first level call center staff. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Trying to recognize which cable is connected to a dish

    Are you paying for DirecTv service?
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    Moving question/4K (ACTUAL moving)

    This is what I was told as well when I had DirecTv installed (again) last weekend. I settled for an HR-44 Genie, which has been perfect. I didn't really press the 4K issue as I have other sources for 4K that actually have content I am interested in.
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    Removed RVU Client From Account

    Scott - Could you elaborate on that setup? Thanks.
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    Celebrating 15 Years!

    Congrats on the 15 years! I joined 12 years ago and read a lot more than contribute, but this site has always been fantastic!
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    Whats for breakfast?

    Slept in but did have brunch. It was fried eggs with sausage patties, chocolate milk, and finished with a cup of coffee.
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    called to cancel service

    That's about the best you 'll get. Not a bad deal.
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    What's for dinner ?

    There you go again, Frank, making me very hungry!!
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    New Dish Prices, effective Jan 16

    He already indicated that they agreed to waive the $95 installation fee. He wasn't able to talk them out of the $100 fee for the Hopper 3.
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    Justice League

    I saw it with my son on Tuesday night. We both thought it was great!
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    Any reason to go with Joey 2.0 rather than the 4k Joey?

    I have the Joey 2.0 and would have gotten the 4K Joey if I had to do it over again. I have Netflix on the Hopper 3 as well as my LG TV, Roku, Firestick, etc, so wouldn't have missed it on the 4K Joey. The speed and responsiveness of the 4K Joey is close to that of the H3, from what I have heard...
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    Quick: 4K Joey vs. Joey 2.0 w/ Hopper 3

    I believe the $50 is standard for the upgrade. Ask if they will just send it to you and take away the $90 fee.
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    Signal strength

    I would have it serviced.