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    Need help in identifying Billy Joel or Elton John song

    did you win the tickets??
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    Happy Fathers Day to all!

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY TOO YOU ALL TOO!! have a great one... ;)
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    Hiring sources

    Navy, Damn only if We lived in Va.. My wife does that kind of work and loves it.. Well good luck with your hiring search.. I hope all turns out well for you... :)
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    What type of dog do you have?

    We have a Dachshund my son calls it a wenner dog.. and her name is bailey.. she's 6 years old =) we rescued her from the pound.. We love her and wouldn't trade her for the world =) very well behaved and loves treat treats...
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    XBOX 360 3 flashing red lights

    No funky setup i take care of it like my child and i have had the blueray go out the yellow light of death i guess you could call it. I also have had it freeze up every time you put anything in it. It sits out in plain open space. Just moved to Arizona and had them wait and ship it back to me...
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    Favorite show on Showtime?

    Also Dexter!!
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    XBOX 360 3 flashing red lights

    My Five year old was playing Banjo-kazooie Nuts &Bolts today, all the sudden froze up. Mom shut it off and turned back on to red rings. So she called best buy and they said to bring in so Geek squad could check it. :rolleyes: Well of course it was dead, we had the 2 year warranty on it so they...
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    Holiday Greeting Thread

    Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!!
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    Help with install.... please

    UPDATE!!! UPDATE!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! Well we had to pay another tech to come out here and give us the diagnosis on what the problem was. Well all along my husband knew what was wrong. My husband told the Directv tech that is was a bad LNB but he didnt want to listen...
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    Help with install.... please

    *update* I have some local buisness coming out here monday at 1 to see if they can fix it. lets hope they can. =) we still have lots of pixalation going on but i think that might have to do with the balcony above us as well. so we well see how this all plays out on monday. thanks again for all...
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    Help with install.... please

    I will try to get a piccie of the layout later today. The apartment manager here doesnt' want any holes or nothing. We had it mounted to our rail but the rail was to shaky and when the wind would blow it would lose signal. The first tech that came out suggested we'd move it or not get the...
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    Help with install.... please

    thank you joe you are very helpful as to everyone else. Yeah the office of the president told me that i need to try to do the signal myself. and now i'm waiting for customer relations to get ahold of me.. oh and my zip is 58504 in bismarck North dakota.. thanks again for your help, i will...
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    Help with install.... please

    Thank you for all your guys help, but now I'm really screwed. I called aaron that works in the presidents office and he said that he wasn't sending anymore tech's out here to help with our situation because the tech's have done all they can to try to reslove the issue. So aaron said we have 2...
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    Help with install.... please

    Thanks for your help, got another question.. I just got off the phone with the tech that came out here and he said since his signal on the dish was high that the above balcony is not interfering with the signal.. He said that the problem is static electricity threw the apartment.. could this be...
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    Help with install.... please

    I have a question for you, we have had directv for a week now, and we have had low signal. We've had tech after tech come out and try to fix it. We are still haveing problems with the signal. We live in an apartment building and we have a non-penetrating mount on our balcony. Since the "new"...