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    software 714

    Knock on wood but all 3 EHD are now showing on line all the time. They load quicker also.
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    Mesh Router

    I have an Amplify HD mesh router and one Amplify Mesh Point. The slow up is my internet speed.
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    ext HD

    still working but on U709
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    ext HD

    I have noticed that since U708 came through my two WD mybook drives now play at once when chosen to play
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    U521 software update

    I have a HWS and got U703 this morning, I have a new My Demand, youtube and kidyoutube, Have 3 EHD and still work as on U242
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    Hopper 3 Software Version Update

    same on my HWS on U249
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    sata to usb

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    sata to usb

    I got a 2TB internal drive mounted in a docking station. The docking station is sata. I used the USB cable that came with but it has last communication with my HWS. Does the esata port on the HWS allow communication with the dock? Is it recomended?
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    OTA Question

    I have the ota adapter connected to the Hopper and joeys get it along the rest of the guide.
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    ViP222K removed from my account after Hopper 3 purchase

    When I had a problem with having to restart the hopper2 for the Joey to maintain connection, the Dish Technician was trouble shooting and I asked him about my 3 EHD and and usb two tuner module, which I connect all four devices to an USB Hub would it work? He said because Hopper could not see...
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    Why I am happy to have Dish

    We got a pure snow and it collect on both Dish eastern Arc and Hughesnet, I had tp sweep the fluffy snow off to restore signal
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    moving DVR content from VIP722 to Hopper 3

    I had two EHD from the 722k and when I upgraded to HWS they started working at once, it was a surprise that I can have three connected at all times.