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    What do you think of the Smithsonian Channel?

    No need to type my response. +1
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    Why so many duplicate HD channels; which ones to use?

    I just deleted the SD versions (on my favorite list) so I wouldn't see them all the time. It used to drive me insane too.
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    Issue With My 722

    Mine was doing it too. I knew the process and unplugged, reset, etc. Mine finally got a little better. Now, all of a sudden, it wants to record five minutes of a program, then I guess it resets itself, misses five minutes and records twenty minutes more. I guess I will break down and call...
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    Need four receivers.

    I had that problem too. My only solution, but another receiver.
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    Saturday Baseball 5/10 on Fox

    Terrible here out of Savannah Ga.
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    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Might have been. The program that I remember recording was I survived. I have no idea which channel that was on. But, I did see some that were in green that I am pretty sure I had before. One being Outdoor. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Ok, I will try that.
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    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Teal green actually. :) BTW, I searched this and came up empty. If its been discussed, I apologize in advance. I have a 722, America's Everything, HD, Locals. Last night I was recording a program. I let it get about fifteen minutes in and then attempted to watch the program. It said it was...
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    Is Dish 1000+ too heavy for Chimney?

    Here is mine from several years ago. No problems whatsoever.
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    Anyway to lessen the fan noise on my 722

    I put one of those fancy $3 pieces of rubber mat thingys down under mine and it did the trick.
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    Congrats to the Dish Network Racing Team on another Victory!

    I dont think Carl wins a lot. Maybe a new channel for every time he takes the track for a race. That would be at least 40 a year depending on which "extra" race he qualifies for.