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    Locast shutdown operations Sad News.

    Sad news indeed! I liked Locast, and I think they provided a valuable service for many who could not get local channels with an antenna or couldn't afford an expensive live TV option[Cable, Satellite, or streaming]. Sadly, I knew from the start that the "Forced donation" by interrupting the...
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    I will be anxious to review the available content at release. I have no interest in content from the Food channel, and very little from HGTV, but I might be interested in the content from the History Channel. I miss the old History Channel(Along with the travel channel, Science and National...
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    T-Mobile enters television streaming market with T-Vision

    Looks like the service is exclusive to T-mobile and Sprint customers, and no Roku at launch.
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    FOX News Channel, MSNBC and CNN’s HLN expand news offerings in Sling Blue base service

    Thanks! I did get a email from Sling yesterday about BTN. Was under the impression that this would be added to the Blue package, but you also have to add the "Sports package" to receive the channel. Still, it's a cheaper option then Hulu or Youtube TV to have access to the channel.
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    FOX News Channel, MSNBC and CNN’s HLN expand news offerings in Sling Blue base service

    I wonder what happened to Sling's deal with FOX for the Big Ten Network that was suppose to launch before the start of the college football season. Big Ten play starts on October 24th, and the college football season started 7 weeks ago.
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    Locast adds Minneapolis-St Paul

    I think you missed my point! I have OTA in my area and I don't need Locast, but if I did, I would gladly pay the $5 monthly donation/price. What I was saying is, they advertise their service as being free, but without donating each month it's an unwatchable abomination.
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    Locast adds Minneapolis-St Paul

    I got an e-mail about this.....and they are still claiming to free! Locast would be great if they just asked for a donation once when you first open their app and then allowed to watch without interruption.
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    Peacock TV

    Without Roku or FireTV this new service will not be a major player. Yes, I realize people watch on their phones, but without the two biggest streaming devices it will severely limit viewership.
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    SLING TV gives America free 14-day 'quarantine offer'

    Sling is a pretty good deal relative to its competitors in terms of price and value. I have Sling Blue, it doesn't have every channel I like, but it has most of them. Picture quality is perhaps a notch below YouTube TV, but it seems reliable. The price guarantee is a nice thing as well.
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    fuboTV will add ESPN/ABC/Disney

    Interesting! They add the Disney owned channels including ESPN, but drops Time Warner channels including TNT and TBS. I would take that trade, but I think they'll still increase the price to match YouTube TV.
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    Wow! Hard to justify that type of increase in a year with essentially no live sports. I think Youtube TV and HULU need to look at offering an additional bundle of channels without the expensive sports channels. Philo is pretty good, but it also lacks news channels and local networks. Give people...
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    Disney Plus +

    I'm trying Disney+ for a month. Looking at the content currently available, it would seem like a very compelling option for households with children. However, for older adults the selection is more limited. Yes, they have a decent amount of classic movies, but most of those movies are either for...
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    AirTV debuts

    Update: I installed the 1TB external HDD and activated the OTA DVR functions. So far, it has worked flawlessly in both scheduling recordings and with playback . Yes, it lacks the the auto commercial skip functions you get with Tivo and others, but it gets the job done. Also, the dual tuner OTA...
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    Peacock TV

    What does the premium give you? More shows and original programs like CBS All Access offers? Also, is there a waiting period for new/current shows on the free version, or will they be available the next day? I like CBS all access, but I find their library of vintage shows to be rather lacking...
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    AirTV debuts

    I've purchased the AirTV player in 2017 with the OTA adapter. It works pretty well and I like how it integrates OTA channels into the Sling guide. I've decided to order a 1-TB external HDD to try the DVR functions. Anyone else have experience using the Beta DVR on the AirTV player?