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  • You guys keep saying that S/A did not honor, or left the LL members out in the cold. What is it that you feel that you didn't get that was promised to you? Read your agreement: FOR THE LIFE OF THE SATALITE, OR THE LIFE OF THE CUSTOMER...PERIOD!!! I know you are all frustrated, but be upset for the right reasons, not the wrong. It is unfortunate that the satalite is gone, but if you look at what you paid, and what you recieved, it was basically FREE programming! No one that had a LL got a bad deal. The average customer paid $399.00 and had the service for at least 6 years! If someone would have offered me my cellphone service for 6 years at $399.00 I would have jumped on it! Basically, a small group of people got great programming (exactly what was promised to them, no more, no less) and in return, S/A can now reach people that they otherwize couldn't with a satalite. They can now go into apartments where elderly poeple couldn't have a dish on their building. They can now go into nursing homes, hospitals, etc: So remember the true meaning of S/A, and quit being so greedy. You all got EXACTLY what was promised! I am a LL member and I am greatful for the service. The rest of you are in it for something FREE!
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