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    Weak Orby signal in Central NY?

    hello dozrdave im about 2hrs south east of you near hamden / walton area i don't have a orby dish to test signals but using a old fortec 90cm ku band dish.these are my signals hope this somewhat helps.
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    Orby terminated my service after I upgraded -- without cause!

    I had a problem with orby also, service got terminated when i got my new credit card (the only thing that changed was the exp date and the ccw number which i updated on my account orby website)i was on autopay and tried to update would never worked i called 3 days in a row finally i went to cvs...
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    Homemade OTA antenna

    I made a yagi VHF at 180 mhz for rf 7 and rf 8 for (wbng and wicz) from an old antenna i installed a preamp and it works really well. This antenna was an old combo vhf / uhf antenna and never got anything.
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    Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries

    My girlfriend is already going back and forth between Lifetime and Hallmark. LOL
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    Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries

    just noticed added channels Hallmark channel 121 Hallmark movies and mysteries channel 122
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    Installing new receivers.

    Hello this is how i have my setup i have a 2 Orby receivers,it works okay for me, hope this helps. planning of adding more receivers one day. The Diplexer ant/sat output goes to the 4way splitter input.
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    New channels

    I'm getting Guide data for locals and sub channels.
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    Display Best Buy

    They are also now selling the Orby Tv at Target.
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    Professional Install of Orby TV

    thanks i was looking for cheap digital atsc output, wanted to use a few fta recievers to output to orby reciever. something like this
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    CONTEST!! Enter to Win: Titanium C2-PLL C-band Interference Filtering LNBF

    Congratulations Brct203 and primestar31 Enjoy. Thank you for the contest Brian.
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    CONTEST!! Enter to Win: Titanium C2-PLL C-band Interference Filtering LNBF

    8 foot dish with 24" actuator. 7.5 foot dish at 97w 101w 8.5 foot dish with homemade panels original mesh panels broke at 99w 103w and 107w the 90cm at 105w 101w 97w the other 2 are directv and dish network orby tv with another 90cm at 116.8w.
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    New software Update

    Plus what Titanium said lol
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    Flat earth non sense

    According to scientist The earth is spinning at 1000 miles per hour what would it look like if it wasn't spinning? what would any planets moons, stars look like if they weren't spinning.
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    I have a 90 cm dish standard lnb light snow 21 F SQ 99 SS 82 currently reading from Orby reciever Dish Elevation: 25.7°