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    Dish HD vs HD DVD: price and quality comparison

    Yea, my tv is 1080i, and so that might make a slight difference. It has a good contrast ratio, though, and until this year I haven't seen any in the store that I thought looked better than mine. I think I'll try to hold out on an HD optical player until the price hits bottom (please this...
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    OTA Antenna Recommendations?

    So i want to buy a relatively inexpensive OTA antenna for my new VIP722 box. I live about 10 miles from the local HDTV towers ("yellow" range) though i am next to an Air Force base which wreaks havoc with cell phones sometimes, though not usually at my house. Any suggestions? I'd prefer to...
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    HD OTA Antennas for local Japan?

    Okay everyone, I'm new to Dish as of this week. Before i signed up, the live chat person told me that local HD channels were available for my area (Dayton, OH). It seems that this is incorrect :mad: (at least I can't find them), and that I need to buy an HD antenna to get my local channels in...
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    Dish HD vs HD DVD: price and quality comparison

    Toshiba HD DVD players SD DVD upconversion...? Wow everybody, thanks for all the GREAT comments! So, it seems unanimous that HD DVD / BR is better quality than Dish HD. Very good to know. Best Buy has a 750G hard drive on sale for $179 right now, and no matter what I decide on an HD...
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    Dish HD vs HD DVD: price and quality comparison

    So i just hooked up Dish last week, finally swayed from cable by the free VIP722 and the ability to hook up an external hard drive. I love it...but am not made of money. So I want to get the most for my cash--probably like most of you. Around Thanksgiving I'm guessing I'll be able...