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    Partial Signal Loss (00-00-00)

    We have a similar issue with our 722K. Ours is related to the MT2 OTA module installed. When it was last tuned OTA to a weaker antenna channel, it often gives the 00-00-00 error when watching a Dish channel. Hitting the guide button fixes it for a moment or two. Tuning to a strong OTA station...
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    Loss of Signal in Rain

    We had a pretty heavy rain earlier in the week. This happened while we were watching a show on ID, and we lost the HD feed. I tuned to the SD channel and we continued watching the show until the rain slowed, then switched back to the HD channel. We are on western arc, and I think the HD feed is...
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    Channel guide errors

    We had some unusual program descriptions yesterday. Several shows on Travel Channel and A&E were generic descriptions written in Spanish, though later episodes were described in English. MeTV's description for tonight's Svengoolie show listed the movie name correctly (Gargoyles), with the...
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    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    Dish customer for 23 years.
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    Contract up, bill up - can DIRT help me without calling Loyalty?

    Dish loyalty is excellent. We had been getting $30 off our bill for the past year. When I called this month to ask for a continued $30 off, I was put on hold for a moment and then was offered $40 off our bill! We will pay $5 less per month for the next 12 months than we are right now. Top 250...
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    NBC Shutting Down NBCSN

    I will miss the Mecum auto auctions. Enjoyed watching Ivy League/smaller-school college football games on NBCSN now and then, too.
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    Replacing VIP 722 w/ Same - Question Please

    Showing my ignorance here, but what is CUI?
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    Replacing VIP 722 w/ Same - Question Please

    If you have a 722 and upgrade to H3, expect to pay $15 more than you are now. I have a 722 refurb provided by Dish that I pay $7 per month for. Upgrading to H3 would cost me $100 service charge for a new hybrid LNB, plus $15 a month for the H3. My current monthly $7 would cover the Joey I...
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    Searching for answers.

    We have a 722K, and change to "stretch" mode when watching METV. It looks fine.
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    722K Sound Issue

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the audio issue apparently was just the symptom of our receiver kicking the bucket. The receiver developed other issues in the next two weeks, including screen freezing, a zombie-like state where it would respond to nothing but unplugging, a 981 error message boot...
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    Long hold times on dish????

    Called tech support Thursday night around 9:30 PM EDT for ongoing 722K issues. Was on hold for 30 minutes. Ended up speaking to a tech support staffer with a very thick accent that made communications difficult. Had to follow up with same problem yesterday morning about 8:30 AM and got right...
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    722K Sound Issue

    Thanks for your help, Sam. While the first occurrence was during prime time, last night's incident was very late. My wife had trouble sleeping, so she turned on TV2 around 2:30 AM and there was no sound. Sound (on TV1 HDMI) was fine when we went to bed around 10 PM.
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    722K Sound Issue

    Just wondering if anyone else using older receivers has experienced this.... We have a refurb 722K that Dish sent to replace a dead unit earlier this year. Twice within the past month, the sound stopped working. On one occasion, the DVR was recording a show. The sound was fine on what was...
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    Fox Regional Sports Networks Block DISH and Sling TV Customers

    I have been looking at Hulu+Live TV a little bit. With them, we would receive the pulled two Fox Sports Ohio channels plus two Detroit Fox Sports channels. The ESPN channels are there, too. Only downside is you need reliable internet service and speed to stream. Fortunately, we have decent...