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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Streaming Netflix is 1080P at the minimum resolution.
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    Anyone else cutting back their Dish service due to lack of sports?

    If your in a price lock and change programming you loose the guaranteed price. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    When did DISH start offering discounts on movie pack again?

    Showtime is $10.00 per month. I have only paid $5.00 per month for a few years. In your account programming section select premium channels. Uncheck Showtime a popup should offer it for five dollars per month for 6 months. Just agree and your done.
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    New software U548 received today 3/10 at 3:45 am. U547 was just received last Friday.
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    Nothing wrong with your Hopper. This has been discussed in the forum for over a year. Dish must be aware of the problem but ignores the complaints. My Joey 3 does it every couple of days. Like Conway said the Hopper's picture is normal. Push the red button on the Hopper to reboot.
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    airtv dual tuner adapter

    Did the connection come loose? Usually a reboot of the Hopper fixes most problems. Give it a try.
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    H3 Booting

    One of the Dish employees in this forum said plug your Hopper directly into the wall outlet. A surge protector has caused this issue in the past.
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    Hopper 3 just died

    Sign up for the Dish Silver protection plan via your on line account. Then give Dish a service call. I did this a few years ago then cancelled after the call.
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    Hopper 3 Reboot

    Thanks good advice as I have noticed a few reboots on it's own.
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    Hopper 3 Reboot

    Are you saying that the Hopper should not be plugged into a surge protector. If you do have a power surge this would leave your AV system at risk. Does it have an internal surge protector?
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    Dual Joey output?

    That will work but you will only be able to watch the same channel.
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    "Unauthorized Access Attempts" to my Hopper 3

    Do you have the IP number? If so run a trace on the number.
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    U542 for the hopper 3 DVR

    Menu, settings, power. Check your reset time.