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    pixalation on joey

    You want me to check the settings at the Joey. Please tell me what to look for and where to go into the settings.
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    pixalation on joey

    I had the Air TV adapter & the Joey 3 still had the pixelation problem. It was in a wide open area not resting on anything. I would have to reboot the Hopper 3 at least once a day. I finally gave up on it and subscribed to the Dish locals. Previously I had the Dish OTA module. It also caused the...
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    Hopper Call To Dish

    At 3:39am this morning my Hopper called this number 866-363-7172. I did a Google search and found this is a Dish Network phone number. What would the purpose of this call? No PPV was ordered also there is a PIN to enter to make a purchase. The phone line is always connected. Forgot the call...
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    NASA TV in HD

    The NASA 4k UHD is in the channel store. I downloaded it but it will launch but reverts back to the app box. Removing & reinstalling doesn't work any suggestions.
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    Try tinfoil
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    All Dish Chicago channels are back on. Sears tower is supposed to be fully powered this weekend.
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    48 is still off
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    And you can't open a window either.
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    Last night news showed the Chicago skyline. Willis tower was in the dark. Still no power. When residents are allowed in wait until they open their refrigerator. No power since Sunday.
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    Comcast uses fiber so they are not affected. Dish is still out. No power in Wills Tower aka Sears Tower. A large portion of the building is residential. Residents are not allowed in the building. Power is still out so it's been over 30 hours.
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    Hopper 3 issues

    Mine rebooted 3 times with U925. I did pull the plug a few hours ago. It's been alright so far.
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    There was a fire in an electrical vault in the Willis Tower. These channels have been out for most of the day. CBS 2 WTTW 11 WYCC 20 WWME 23 WCIU 26 WCPX 38 WMEU 48 WJYS 62
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    Dish Scam alert

    The property is owned by Frank Rosemberg. This may be a rental property since the tax bill is sent to ROSEMBERG FRANK 25NORTHWAY BRONXVILLENY 10708-23 This information is taken from Kings County, N.Y. public records. This is available to the public...
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Streaming Netflix is 1080P at the minimum resolution.
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    Anyone else cutting back their Dish service due to lack of sports?

    If your in a price lock and change programming you loose the guaranteed price. Correct me if I'm wrong.