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  • Hey there, I browsed onto one of your forum posts and saw your location in Halifax. I'm just down the road from you in Lunenburg.

    I was wondering if you could spare a couple minutes of your time to get me up to speed on using FTA boxes. I happened upon one the other week, and was shocked to find out about these things. I love tech stuff and have never seen one before. I need one. So I haven't purchased one yet but after all my research have found that the most complete box that looks to be user friendly is the soon-to-be-released Captive Works 4000. Fine, I don't need to bore you with what I'm getting, just thought I'd mention that.

    What I do wonder applies directly to where you live. I'm in Nova Scotia too. I've got all my house connected with Rogers - HD.

    Who do you subscribe to once I get my FTA box in my house? I'm guessing I'd want the cheapest way to get my future HD box hooked up to my HD tv. Do I need to go with a dish? Do I stick with Rogers cable / internet? I guess that's what is unclear to me, once I get the box in my house, what do I do next and who do I need to get my basic TV signal through?

    Anyway, my apologies if I've wasted your time. I figured if you were a senior member I might be able to get some input from you though instead of going with the wrong cable provider and blowing money on setup fees.

    Thanks so much in advance for any input -

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