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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    Little village called Fort Jennings
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    I'd love Fox Sports Ohio and the CW
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    Epix back on Dish Movie Pack???

    Is Dish offering the Dish Movie Pack for $5 for 6 months deal anymore?
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    Amazon Echo not working with Hopper 3

    Everything was working fine yesterday and today nothing. Alexa keeps saying it can't communicate. I reset everything and upgraded everything. Is it just me?
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    PIP Problem, No Side by Side

    Did you try doing side by side when using the 4K channel (540)? That messed up my aspect ratio
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    Promos for existing customers

    I just got the Dish Movie Pack for $5 for 6 months
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    Thinking about upgrading to the Hopper

    I've used a 211 for ten plus years and saw the Hopper will soon work with Amazon Echo. My question is should I buy the Hopper or just lease it? Thanks
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    Your top 10 most watched channels?

    MLB Network Fox Sports Cincinnati CBS ABC HBO Amazon Prime Discovery DIY AMC IFC
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    Hannah and Her Horse

    No! How many horse's do you know that watch tv anyways?
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    What will Dish do about HBO?

    Now that HBO NOW pricing is announced will Dish follow suit and charge the same $14.99?
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    Showtime Anytime anyone??

    Not a leap year, nice try bobvick.
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    FOX News Channel/DISH dispute

    Please let the Faux News Network go
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    Showtime on the way out?

    I went to look up my Premium upgrades and noticed Showtime does not have an Order Now button or price. It has also been removed from the bundle section. Is Showtime leaving?