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    Alexa and Hopper 3

    Get a google home
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    Why is the CW in SD?

    Must be nice to get the CW
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    RSN app coming

    Looks like we'll be getting another option since Dish won't add it.
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    Intermittent HDCP error

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    Are these two shows on on any channel on any of my providers?

    Search using this site JustWatch
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    Amazon Prime listing in Dish guide?

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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    Little village called Fort Jennings
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    I'd love Fox Sports Ohio and the CW
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    Epix back on Dish Movie Pack???

    Is Dish offering the Dish Movie Pack for $5 for 6 months deal anymore?
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    Amazon Echo not working with Hopper 3

    Everything was working fine yesterday and today nothing. Alexa keeps saying it can't communicate. I reset everything and upgraded everything. Is it just me?
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    PIP Problem, No Side by Side

    Did you try doing side by side when using the 4K channel (540)? That messed up my aspect ratio
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    Promos for existing customers

    I just got the Dish Movie Pack for $5 for 6 months
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    Thinking about upgrading to the Hopper

    I've used a 211 for ten plus years and saw the Hopper will soon work with Amazon Echo. My question is should I buy the Hopper or just lease it? Thanks
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    Your top 10 most watched channels?

    MLB Network Fox Sports Cincinnati CBS ABC HBO Amazon Prime Discovery DIY AMC IFC