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    While you are right, anyone who makes a Depeche Mode reference is ok in my book. :)
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    722 is the better way. :biggrin
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    Start TV testing on Dish

    I'd rather have Cozi or Comet as StartTV is already one of my subchannels.
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    potential dish scam call - "upgraded orbital location, need upgrade receivers"

    When will the FCC, FTC, Congress, anyone, get a handle on stopping this spoofing of numbers? It can't be technically that hard.
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    Mydish/chat issue

    I've seen an issue where certain elements on a page are unresponsive due to an ad blocker. Disable any ad blockers and try again.
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    Scripps Stations dispute?

    That tells me they don't like the fact that subscribers can drop locals on their own.
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    Looks like they came down on the price of HBO with the addition of HBOmax

    Just a nitpick, but most if not all channels on cable/satellite systems are now MPEG4, not MPEG2. The only MPEG2 that is widely being transmitted now is on OTA channels. Many of them are bitstarved as well, which degrade even more with MPEG2 compression.
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    Searching for answers.

    I think it's coming from the national source. 4:3 content is shoehorned (zoomed, stretched, and cropped top/bottom) into a 14:9 feed. You can even see it in Dish's channel 247 after unsquishing it with the TV or receiver settings. The top and bottom are cropped and the image is zoomed compared...
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    Start TV has been added on KASA-DT

    Yay. Another stretch/zoom/crop butcher job of 4x3 content.
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    Searching for answers.

    Gollum? :D
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    Searching for answers.

    Where the OTA option is zoomed, cropped, and horizontally stretched. TV/receiver settings can't adjust that.
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    DVR search that records from sources

    Yeah, similar to the PVR Rocket I mentioned above, except the Rocket records both HD and SD signals, composite, component, and HDMI. That only records SD composite. I'll stick with the Rocket.
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    NASA TV in HD

    And even the Weather Channel.
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    Looks like they came down on the price of HBO with the addition of HBOmax

    Found this that wasn't there when I searched yesterday. Still doesn't specify whether the TV shows listed are the complete series or just a subset of episodes.