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    Yamaha receiver codes?

    Go into MENU then SETTINGS then REMOTE CONTROL then where it says Volume and mute make sure it is set to control AUXILIARY DEVICE Also you can turn off that banner about the mode.
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    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming?

    So from what i can tell we lost Beyond.(Discontinued) Showcase was downgraded to SD and ShoBET was added in HD only. :confused:
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    Pairing Dish remote and Yamaha receiver.

    Try a different Yamaha code number. I had that happen to me a long time ago and i changed the code and it then worked again.
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    Pairing Dish remote and Yamaha receiver.

    It won't do the receiver at the same time but you can press the aux button then the power button and it will turn off or on the receiver. That's how I have to do my Yamaha receiver.
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    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming?

    You and almost everyone on here. "SOON" :biggrin
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    Roku Channel Expands to More Than 100 Live Linear Channels

    If you have a Roku TV that comes with an Enhanced Remote, you might notice a Microphone button in place of the Sleep Timer button. Press the button, wait for the onscreen prompt, then speak a command you want Roku to execute. Examples include: "Find (program, video, app)." "Launch (app)." "Go...
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    What happened to AMC and Sundance

    Both channels are in my guide. 126 and 131 i believe but they are both there for me. They should be there in your guide. "The deal will see continued carriage of AMC’s linear channels AMC, BBC...
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    This Love - Maroon 5
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    Upgrade to dish hopper with sling but without dvr

    Why did they give up on the snaps with HWS?
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    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    As I read it I started singing it.
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    DISH Network Announces Debt Offering

    I have 100 - 200 Mbps streaming and I don't have any problems streaming even when 3 different devices are using at the same time. I will admit that using my roku is way more reliable than my fire stick. I quit using the fire stick for streaming as I read the fire sticks had problems...
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    Stadium is now streaming on channel 290-35

    If you have a roku you can get the ROH channel and they have the new episode every week. And you can skip the commercials and bs.
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    Stadium is now streaming on channel 290-35

    Works here on my HWS.
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    Is there a way to check download speed at the hopper?

    I don't use it that often but normally it is fine. I definitely dont have constant buffering problems. I'm the same as you about 50-60 megs but on a 200 meg service. Maybe try resetting the internet connection in the hopper settings?
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    Is there a way to check download speed at the hopper?

    Hit menu twice then go down to status. Select Check status then when that is finished hit send status. Then hit test connections. That will show the download speed.