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    any way to get tv2 on 625 dvr lower?

    If you put the recievers modulation output to "Air" mode instead, you can reach most numbers below 70, or you can do like the previous post and put it through a vcr. Why do you want it that low? Usually worse quality. Darrin Ocala DRS
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    DVR 622/722 - Phone/Internet Connection

    Yes you are being charged for both the 625 and the 322 Receiver, 10 dollars. If you don't have a phone jack within a couple feet you can buy a wireless phone jack for about 30 bucks at radio shack, it will work as well. Darrin Ocala DRS
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    Call from Dish Tech

    STB Health You must have your receiver hooked into a phone line for dish to detect your signals. Also the 33 switch came out last week here in Florida... just waiting on eastern arch now. Word that we got is it should be out in October. Darrin DRS of Ocala, Florida