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    AM21 NBC New York

    All that I referred to took place long before there ever was a genie ... it was when AM21 was first released to subscribers
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    AM21 NBC New York

    Correct me if I am wrong ...(like I really had to ask for that) but didn't when the AM-21 first came out do a real over the air scan and Direct turned it off for the database system? Point being , why can't they turn that feature back on in the software .... and why was it even removed?
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    Carolina Shag now only streaming.

    hopefully enough people will complain on this forum and also to sirius-xm directly and maybe they will put it back on air ...
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    AM21 support has ended.

    Didn't the AM21 used to scan for OTA channels instead of relying on the datebase? ... if so can't they just turn that feature back on and let us fend for ourselves?
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    New HD channels in testing

    How about VH1 Classic and GAC??
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    SEC Network Launches August 14 Channel 611

    Any wisdom you care to share as to when that is supposed to renew??
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    SEC Network Launches August 14 Channel 611

    Any insight as to when and/or if Watch ESPN app is going to update??
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    DirecTV New HD channel additions and rumors

    at least put GAC in hd
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    Ergen touts chances of a DirecTV-Dish Network merger winning approval

    yes you can ... everyone that wants locals would subscribe to the 3rd party company ... billing could be through your sat programming provider ... similar to directv/ussb, for those that remember the days. cable channels from one provider , locals from the new third party
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    Ergen touts chances of a DirecTV-Dish Network merger winning approval

    why not just form a partnership of the 2 services that markets the local channels for the different dma's? just think of the bandwidth that would be freed up if the locals were only uplinked once! it could be the start of further partnerships
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    css on the espn alt 210.

    It may be S D, but the logo says CSS HD ... come on Directv, please rebroadcast in the format you are receiving ... PLEASE
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    I concur regarding the ota signals ... sports programming does cost but it is also in an additional tier, so if that price goes up then the price of that tier should go up accordingly, but pricing should be based on the number of subscribers in that regional market that are not blacked out not...
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    for those thinking of leaving ... what do you think will happen when the contract for your new provider/distributor and the program owners expires? Someone has to draw the line somewhere . If you are not happy with Dish then by all means unsubscribe, and good luck with whomever you choose, but...
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    American Life TV & RTN (Retro TV) - any chance?

    agreed ... they have sucessfully mtv'd tvland ... stupid reality sitcoms ... leave it the way it was ... the way that made it successful, and made them want to buy it ... old tv shows !!!!!
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    VOOM Goes BOOM - update Dish Drops all 15 VOOM Channels

    remember ... Voom is shutting down domestically ... they are alive and well (for the time being) internationally, thus possibly still leaving a crack (however small) in the door for a possible future reappearance. Also if they are still programming internationally wouldn't they still keep their...