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    First NHL 4K Hockey Game on DirecTv

    The game looks great, loving it.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    What firmware is your C61K on? I had the option to check HDR on mine and it didn't work on 0x0A35. I got an update on the C61K early last week to 0x0FB7 and now the test works.
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    Genie mini sync to genie on another account??

    The way they classify the Genies are HR34 genie 1 gen1, HR44 genie 1 gen2, HR54 genie 1 gen3, HS17 genie 2 gen1
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    Genie mini sync to genie on another account??

    Not that I've seen online. I only have the one client and had to call in to activate it so I don't know if I get another if I can just add it or will need to call in. I always thought adding any receiver or client requires a call to DirecTV to activate.
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    HS 17 recalled?

    Don't know about that, but I hope they have some new equipment in the works. That would be a great box. :clapping
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    Genie mini sync to genie on another account??

    I have a HR54 and a C61k and I have tried to remove the client from the HR54. It doesn't work I get a message to call DirecTV to remove a client. The reason I tried to remove the client was because it's on the old 0x08B6 firmware and I wanted the new firmware. When I first added the client to...
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    HS 17 recalled?

    Yes I meant in 1999, I only watch SD now if it's the only way to see something.:)
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    HS 17 recalled?

    Same here, in 1999 when I was looking at Dish and DirecTV to get my first satellite system those were my main buying points, and still are. I went to circuit city and best buy to check out both and still remember the difference in SD PQ DirecTV was and is better, it wasn’t even close. Then when...
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    Yes that info should have been announced by DirecTV earlier, I recorded the sd channel would have been nice to get the HD version. :mad: :thumbdown
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    Can you ask for upgrade to Reverse Band LNB & C61K Mini Client even if you don't have a 4K TV yet?

    They did for me, in June I bought a HR54, C61K, and a reverse band LNB online. I installed everything and called in told them I was replacing my HR34 it went smooth. When they activated the HR54 they said anything else I can help you with, sure is I need a new client added to my account. The...
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    LNB Died After 1 Month

    I haven’t had a LNB fail either in 18 years, upgraded to a SWM8 then a SWM LNB, now using the reverse band 5LNB… knock on wood.
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    Nothing But Problems with The HR54 Lemon They Gave Me

    1 have you tried turning native off in the settings? 2 I've had this problem before on a HR24, haven't had any problems on my HR54 though. Try turning off dolby digital in the audio settings, it fixed the audio problems I had on the HR24.
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    Where is the 2017 4K sports content?

    It's looking great, enjoying it.
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    Where is the 2017 4K sports content?

    I'd love to baste my turkey with some HDR this year.:hungry
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    Rangers VS Rays Fox Sports UHD, Channel 106

    I had the same issue in North Carolina, I don't have a MLB EI sub but it did direct me to 736 and was able to view it there. I agree didn't make any sense.