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    Where can I find a good installer?

    Thank you all for your replies.
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    Where can I find a good installer?

    I'm a new Dish customer. We had a Dish installer come out who wanted to run wiring outside the house - I would like to run them through the attic and through the walls. Also, the house was built in 1979. He said the cable to each of our rooms is old and will provide a weak signal, and needs...
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    International Programming on DirecTV

    I find DirecTV's international programming lacking. I'm specifically looking for Arabic channels --- any chance DirecTV is gonna catch up to Dish's line-up? I would really hate to switch because of this. Thanks!
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    Disappointed new subscriber – Poor SD quality

    I recently switched out Digital Cable through Charter for Direct. I purchased an LG LSS-3200A and RCA triple LNB dish to run to my Mitsubishi WS-65712 (65"). As many have mentioned, I’m getting also getting a poor SD picture. It looks grainy. I went to satellite to get a better picture than...