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    Comcast unable to install service.

    I am Very disappointed that Comcast technician was not able to install service at my house (I am thinking to move to Comcast from Uverse due beIN Sports). I believe he was confused due to I have Uverse service. I think the outlet I wanted the Comcast receiver installed is available and not...
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    5.1 Audio Issue with the VIP211

    I have same setup except I have an onkyo, receiver's current software is L345 on , VIP211. I tested with ESPN, ESPN 2, HBO and Cinemax HD channels. My sound is ok.
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    Comcast for cheaper. (if you can't get triple play)

    I am considering Comcast as my cable provider, I have been with Dish for about 3 years. I am just getting tired of the way they handle things, buying or paying to get upgraded equipment to see their programming. I called Comcast today, and thy offered me for 12 months the following at 64.95 plus...
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    Breaking News: Flash From Voom Website: VOOM ceasing Operation by end of March

    Let's All Ex-voomers Select A Provider And Request Wholesale Rates.
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    Some good/bad News (Depending how you want to take it)

    Is Voom Collecting Receivers From Subscribers?
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    New to DDish, have a question related to OTA channels in HD

    THanks for the info. Do you know of other HD receiver offered by Dish that I can think of upgrading, sound quality to me is important specially witth HD programming and digital music. I am a Voom customer and the receiver used by Voom has much better quality than the 811 that's why it was very...
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    New to DDish, have a question related to OTA channels in HD

    I recently subscribed to Dish and added the HD package, I noticed that HD programming for local channels (CBS, FOX, ABC) are not offered by Dish. Can I add install an HD antenna to the 822 receiver to get these channels and take advantage of the HD programming? Another question I have is...
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    South Florida Voom Zone!!!

    Good to know there is a So. FLA Voom forum I have beem with Voom for more than a year and I love it. I am just having problems receiving one OTA channel 51 (telemundo) all others are ok. I recently installed Dish network but nothing like Voom. I am keeping Dish just for content good...