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    NFL SUNDAY ticket app

    Don't know if the Sunday Ticket will play correctly using this adapter. HBO Go does not.
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    NFL SUNDAY ticket app
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    NFL SUNDAY ticket app

    Not true. There is an hdmi digital AV adapter available.
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    SNY Gone Tomorrow? (It's Gone!)

    No LOS for DirecTV so I'm stuck with DISH. Bummed out! At least we got to see a win on WPIX today.
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    SNY Gone Tomorrow? (It's Gone!)

    Our household is the same - loss of SNY was the final straw.
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    SNY Gone Tomorrow? (It's Gone!)

    Just made the call to DirecTV and am set up for install on Wednesday.
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    SNY Gone Tomorrow? (It's Gone!)

    A CSR just told me we should be getting SNY back real soon but that was after he told me that MSG and MSG+ were back on DISH! I'm not holding my breath!!
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    epix hd online

    It says my trial code is only good for 7 days.
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    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    I'm getting an EA upgrade on Thursday. They are replacing my 625 with a VIP Duo DVR for $15 and two year committment. I had to sign up for DHPP for $6/month.
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    MLB Network

    There's an 11 page thread on this -
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    confirmed 8 new hd channels tomorrow!!!!

    Not true. Just because you get 110 and 119 doesn't mean you can get 129. Here in NE Pennsylvania 110 is at an elevation of 31 deg. and 119 is 25 degrees but I can't get 129 (too low)
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    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    Yet DISH's radio ad states new customers can get Cinemax for a penny for a year. :confused:
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    HD locals for Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA timeframe??

    Recently I had no locals listed on the two receivers I have that are not connected to the internet. My 3rd receiver, which is connected, had all the channels listed correctly. I just check remote scheduling and have the same results on my 612 (not connected to internet).
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    Remote Access

    It's a remote access problem. I subscribe to locals and they are in the guide on all 3 receivers and I am able to watch. They just are not on remote access webpage (and iPhone app).
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    Remote Access

    All 3 of my receivers are showing up in Remote Access but only the one connected to the internet is showing my local channels. My HD receiver that is not connected to internet is showing WPIX HD eventhough I don't have the HD version (just the SD version). Any idea what I need to do (other...