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    pluto tv??

    I would guess if Dish added another app it would likely be HBO MAX.
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    Sat 77

    I noticed that yesterday Dish removed it seems most of not all content from 77. I'm not very adept at reading or understanding these activities but it is interesting.
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    HBO Max

    I have a Samsung 4k smart TV and I watch HBO MAX directly from the internet which eliminates any of the middle technology such as ROKU or Dish hardware. I mention Dish hardware because I believe Dish will eventually put HBO MAX on the Hoppers just as the did Netflix and Prime.
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    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    A price hike in November, how about that? Will we get another price hike in January when Dish usually announces price hikes?
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    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Channel 666 wasn't available?
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    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Last year's Halloween scape introduced changes throughout the month. I wonder if this one will as well? And yes, last year was the better one.
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    Has anyone got Amazon Prime working on their Joey's?

    Yet, my wireless Joey has Netflix. It would seem if they wanted to they could have made Prime available on the wireless Joey.
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    Has anyone got Amazon Prime working on their Joey's?

    I didn't know that. Thanks. P.S. I assume that goes for the newer wireless Joey as well.
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    Has anyone got Amazon Prime working on their Joey's?

    I just noticed that while Prime (channel 301) shows on my HWS and my Joey 3, it doesn't show on my wireless Joey. I reset the Joey but that didn't do anything. Is there a reason for that or do I need to do something?
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    Hws, you tube?

    I don't believe the HWS can accommodate 4K. You'll need the H3.
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    hbo max adding on

    Yep, they did the same to me when I added HBO and Cinemax.
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    Wireless Joey Issue

    As an update to this issue, I discovered the issue was not the wireless Joey but the HWS not seeing the AP. This happens periodically after the overnight download/update. Nothing will resolve this but the next overnight download/update, which it always resets something once again allowing the...
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    External Hard Drive Keeps Disappearing

    Not my EHD but my access point exhibits that same issue. It suddenly isn't there anymore and nothing I do will get it back. And as is the case every time, after the nightly reboot or whatever else happens overnight the access point returns.
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    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    I'm sure September will be nice but I'm looking forward to see what Dish will do for October. Can they outdo last year's Halloween themed October?