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    Strange Hopper behaviour

    HK, does not appear so. Also the tech was here and after I mentioned the possibility of tree issues, he did not react nor suggest anything regarding them.
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    Strange Hopper behaviour

    Our Hopper system with two Joeys had been freezing (in live mode and repeated in recorded mode) both audio and video for one to three seconds, buffering the lost signal so it later plays in "catch up" mode. Both the hopper and LNB have been replaced. The trees nearby have been trimmed using the...
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    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    I know what you mean about scrambling. We had a four meter dish in central Mexico since 1985 thru 1997 and soon had to deal with VideoCypher scrambling via "alternate methods".
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    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    24 years here. The only benefit I got was buying a LOT of stock at about $2/ share. But for others I would think some kind of "thank you" would be in order!
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    OTA Antenna Install

    I lost one channel, CBS. Called Dish and they said I qualified even though I have a self installed small UHF/VHF antenna inside. I was getting 4.5 channels, Fox, ABC, NBC, PBS and 1/2 of CBS which pixelated a lot. The NEXT DAY Dish installed the on-the-Dish-pole mounted omnidirectional...
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    Bird Poop on Dish and signal??

    I'd worry more about the weight of the birds moving the dish if they are big or many.
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    Is the Pub being sponsored by Tesla now?

    I have no specific information but I have heard that Teslas are being traded-in in our climate (Rochester, NY) due to the battery performance limiting range to under 100 miles in the cold. Any REAL information on this?
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    New Free Voice Remote

    Customer and shareholder since 1997 and no offers... feel undervalued!
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    New software update Hopper 3

    Ehhh, nope... no recordings in process and not during Prime Time Anytime. Other ideas?
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    New software update Hopper 3

    How long should the "System Status" take? Mine has been running for over 30 minutes and seems stuck at 60%.
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    OTA Module

    Good idea, but not a good idea for my situation... difficult access!
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    OTA Module

    I've moved the antenna multiple times and all stations are within 45 degrees orientation. You may have a point about high VHF insensitivity issue. My signal strengths go from zero (obviously) to a max of 70.
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    OTA Module

    I have the original OTA module and think it may be marginal or poor. I HAVE DONE the FCC rescan several times in ZIP 14450 and cannot connect with all of the UHF and VHF stations 8-12 miles away using an seven foot high first floor indoor antenna supposedly good for up to 50 miles. BTW I live...
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    Dish is Down

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    Locast app is now working

    Selected DMAs... not Rochester, NY.