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    Fire TV Cast

    Try just calling the channel number. That’s how I use mine. Ie; say “channel 3.1” or “channel 5.2”
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    Who was alive during the Worst disaster in U.S. history?

    Dr Pepper.... Barf! You hillbillies....
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    OLED DISH Burn In

    That damned DISH logo was the only issue I ever had with my Panny GT50. I bought an LG C7 from Value Electronics in fall 2017 and had it calibrated there. I worried about the logo but dumped DISH when I moved. Strictly streaming now. No issues with my OLED.
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    Good grief Mike, are you still whining to see Zeva.... [emoji849]. The next time anyone will see her will be in a sitcom where she’s playing a brat named Mikey’s mother..[emoji23]
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    New Amazon Fire TV Recast - 2- & 4-Tuner DVR for Fire TV

    I have this device(4 tuner version) along with the FTV 4K stick. It is slick and the menus integrates easily with each other. I did jump the gun on both products getting them when the became available this month. Anyone thinking about these should wait until the Black Friday. Amazon has...
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    LG 55" OLED TVs

    Well my OLED and media cabinet are on there way to me. Feel like a kid at Christmas even though I ordered it on Black Friday. I ordered from Value Electronics. Included the 200 hr break-in and full calibration service. A new BDI media cabinet completes my purchase. Can't wait!
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    KAB, what was your source media for playing Dark with original German voices and English subtitles? On my Roku Ultra my audio choices were Off which gave me the default English voices with some subtitles such as titles or if a character was reading something. Other choices were for subtitles...
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    Definitely a creative storyline. I admit though to being confused a lot though[emoji6]. As for subtitles? Not here. Dubbed though.
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    Latest Bill - Why would they include this?

    And crap like this is why I own my equipment.......
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    HWS updated to U242

    I saw that change with U241 already. What purpose only Dish knows...:cool:
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    HWS updated to U242

    I got U241 back on 12/13. Now for U242 to come out so fast says something was wrong with U241.. I can’t remember the last update that presented you with a screen saying you got an update when you turned on your TV....[emoji57]
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    Can a Hopper receiver cause a 5-yr-old plasma screen to lose picture quality?

    2012 Panasonic GT50 plasma owner here. I upgraded to a Hopper/Sling back in 2013 from a VIP622. The picture is as beautiful today as when I got the unit. I have a calibrated LG OLED replacing that unit. Have you tried a new HDMI cable? Are you running your devices through a AV receiver then...
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    LG 55" OLED TVs

    Hopefully by mid December I should have those questions answered. Valid concerns for sure. For sure issues such as dead pixels or the panel lottery for banding issues I won't have to deal with.
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    LG 55" OLED TVs

    Well I finally got around to ordering my LG OLED. I too went with Value Electronics. I added the full calibration as well. There are better deals to be found but VE's reputation is well known and respected. In correspondence with Robert, he explained that the calibration takes approximately...
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    Well count me in as one who likes her. For those who pine for Tony there's Bull following this show and Ziva's career is doing... let see....... Zip.