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    CE's for 5/8 & 5/9

    Well, let's hope they extend the DLB next week!!
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    HR2x CE Release 4/24 v.0301

    Never done the ce downloand before. if i do it this friday 5/1 will I be able to get the DLB or am I too late? I have a HR21-100.
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    Ro mt understanding Dish is testing 23 new Hd channels...

    Now come on be honest, don't you already miss the indians!!
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    AMC-HD The Prisoner in Nov - Wake up Directv

    It is a real movie channel, but agree that commercials sucks big time. I stopped watching them couple of years ago because of this, when they started having comercials. I wish DTV had TCM (turner classic movies) in HD. Does anyone know if any cable or sattelite company carries TCM in HD?
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    Direct Tune Feature

    This is great. Have u guys tried the direct tune feature on your DVR.
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    Hope for a Tivo-DIRECTV HD DVR?

    Man you must have too much time on your hand to come here and type all this.
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    Is Directv DVRs that bad?

    WHAT? Were you not happy with the Indians??!!
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    What HD DVR will I get?

    I doubt that you get a refurbished one. Especially if you paid $99. I signed up two months ago and got two brand new (sealed box) shinning black HR21. I am very happy since I also added a 1Tb external HD to each one. I only wish that they had dual layer buffer like my old Tivo.
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    HR20-100 w external hard drive ?

    Correct it does run rather hot but it is whisper quite. Probably their own unneeded software. That is why acomdata is called Pure Drive, nothing in there!
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    HR20-100 w external hard drive ?

    Acomdata pure drive at Frys Electronics is $220 for 1TB and it worked perfectley out of the box for my HR21.*|*Acomdata It is beyond me why people bother with internal drives and buy enclosures for them, unless the savings are significant.
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    I'm about to cancel my service before I get it.

    And it is just barely better in Direct, I always have to crank up my contrast and color, when I am watching any of starz hd channels. It is very dim.
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    Which receiver am I getting?

    Keep in mind that you can also get an external hard drive (1 TB I think goes for about $200-250) and that would increase your recording capacity.
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    Will installer do a wall mount?

    I hope you are not an installer in my area!!
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    Im Switching to directv

    True , but have to renew/extent the 2 yr contract.
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    New Customer Question

    And why haven't you complain to D to take care of the problem?