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    spectrum(charter) new guide is here! very happy!

    Will the Motorola dvrs get the new guide? I have the old guide
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    Spectrum/Time Warner threaten dispute with Fox Sports Midwest

    I have spectrum and this has been going on for weeks. We could lose regional sports,fx,fox sports, and nat geo.
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    Charter says goodbye to chiller

    I hate that charter is removing chiller tomorrow. It's one of the channels I watch the most. The channel will continue on. But, I bet it doesn't survive very much longer since dish has already removed it as well.
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    Contract buyout

    not crying foul. directv wants their money. when i signed up for charter they told me they would pay it and i expect it within the time frame they told me.
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    Contract buyout

    I emailed charter the contract buyout form and my final bill from directv on june 13th. charter says approval takes 5 to 7 days. its been that long and even more after today. i've called charter and the only thing the system says is that my documents have been received. has anyone else gotten...
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    new to charter

    thank you!
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    new to charter

    i've never had cable and on june 1st i will. i ordered the triple play gold package. i'm sure the internet will be better since i live in a rural area at the moment and have the highest speed in my area which is 3 mbps. i ordered dvrs for 4 rooms. how is the tv equipment and phone quality?
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    saying goodbye to directv

    alot of things in my life have changed in just the past week,if even that long. i'm moving and the owner of the house i am moving to does not want a dish on the house, i asked about a pole mount and he doesn't want new holes drilled in the home, so i am leaving directv. as of now i also have...
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    What's your favorite SiriusXM station?

    Willies roadhouse, prime country, and soul town
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    called to cancel service

    another promo just ended for me. called and cancelled. they offered nothing just cancelled
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    Chiller VOD is HD

    i've heard some small cable systems have it in hd.
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    Chiller VOD is HD

    even though chiller is not in hd, i noticed the on demand section, even though its a VERY slim selection, is in hd. i've heard there is a chiller hd feed, if there is i hope we get it eventually. chiller is one of the main channels i watch and record from.
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    what was he thinking?

    i know. he kept them all live and added 50.99 to my account after i told him to cancel them this morning. i didn't mind the charge for 2 days,thats my fault. but he shouldn't have charged me for them after he was told to cancel them
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    what was he thinking?

    my new customer free premium channels were supposed to be cancelled on 12/28. but, i forgot and just called earlier today. the csr named john told me i would be charged 2 days for each premium. i said ok thats fine because i forgot to call. john told me he had an offer for me for the...
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    I was tired of getting the comeback offers

    yes. i used a different card. she said i had a balance of 0 after the payment