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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    You would think the granddaddy of them all would be in 4K. Go Sooners!
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    Odd breakup of OTA channels on only one receiver

    I have the same problem on the 4K joey. It was a problem when it first came out, and lasted almost a year. Then one day on a UI/Software upgrade poof, it went away! All was good for about a year, until again a UI/Software upgrade and poof, problem returned. It is NOT a wiring issue, it is a...
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    New Hopper 3 problems

    I second this post!
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    54.0 Remote coming

    I have the 50, 52, and the 40. I hate the 52, the touch pad is a joke, and it doesn't always work. Like someone else said, we have to reboot the 4K joey at times to get it to work agian. I still like the 40 remote. I have gotten use to it, and I can work in in the dark with no problem. My...
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    Help me out here. ATT has a great 2yr offer - I want to stay but???

    Thank you for all the replies! I already have unlimited wireless on my iPhone, so I'm good there. I have no complaints with what I have now, other than the data caps by Cox, but $200 a month less is hard to beat. However if the hardware is way behind, I don't know if being locked in for two...
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    Help me out here. ATT has a great 2yr offer - I want to stay but???

    Okay, I have been a DISH customer since 2000. I currently have the Hopper 3, 4K Joey, and four wireless Joey's. My bill is around $170 per month. My Internet is with Cox currently the Ultimate @ 300 Mbs @ $99.99 Home Phone through Cox at about $46 per month unlimited (Yes I still need a...
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    Just kicked Nagrastar out of my office

    I remember the "big" dish. We had one when I was younger in the late 70's early 80's. We lived in the country and got ONE channel. When we first got the dish nothing was scrambled, and we got everything. After a few years, a few channels were scrambled, until all but the religious channels...
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    Why does Netflix work so poorly?

    I use my 4K player to view Netflix. SOOOO much faster. Better sound quality, and IMO the picture is better too. It would be nice to just view channel 370 and it work, but it doesn't for me (not consistently anyway). For me it almost just as easy. If I turn on my 4K player, everything...
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    Hearst Television Inc. blacks out DISH customers in 26 markets

    I, know I just wish the would/could. We need to get that law changed.
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    Question on PTAT vs. standard timer

    I just record the News, and two shows after on CBS around sports time, especially on Sunday, and that's how I make sure I get all of the show.
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    Hearst Television Inc. blacks out DISH customers in 26 markets

    I wish Dish would let us view other locals when this happens. If we loose an ABC local, then find another so PTAT still works. I have OTA and still get my locals and the guide, so I can still watch ABC in my area. However out of principle I won't be watching the News, Weather, or Sports...
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    4K Joey Netflix...........

    After retiring from a Fortune 50 company, I find that rarely what the "consumer" is told is all of the story. We need Paul Harvey to give us "The rest of the story". I base my statements on the dreaded "Coming Soon" that Dish had on the OTA channels for years! You couldn't add or remove...
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    4K Joey Netflix...........

    I have given up, and don't expect DISH to ever release the Netflix for the 4K joey. I have a 4K player and stream Netflix through it. I actually like it better (compared to the H3). Faster, and to me better picture.
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    Picture clarity

    I got a 78" Samsung 4K 9800 TV for Christmas. I had to calibrate it for the PQ to be acceptable. On my old 60" TV it wasn't so bad, but the increased pixels and size and I could tell a difference. I find that my locals have great pictures, and if I view the OTA it's even better. Now my sub...
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    DISH Network SCAM!

    When I called and told Dish, they said they would email the customers. If it's anything like Netflix on the 4K Joey then it may be awhile. Also: Recently I had my 4K Joey removed from my account twice, and I had to call Dish to get it re-activated. I now wonder if it had anything to do with...