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    New local (Cleveland) HD channels are on!!!

    Cleveburg HD Locals!!! and the Masters in HD!!!! Who needs little blue pills???!!!!!
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    VIP722 via Logitech remote

    Just an update for those considering a Logitech remote. Received the Harmony 880 yesterday and spent last night programming it - Amazing unit!! Within 10 minutes "she who must be obeyed" was using it without problems!! ( Miracle ) Easy to set up and update and use. Highly Recommended.
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    VIP722 via Logitech remote

    Thanks to all that replied - I bit the bullet and bought a Harmony 880 off eBay. I'll update once I receive and program it. Thanks again for making this an easy decision - this is a great site with mucho information and a minimun of BS.
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    Cleveland HD Upgrade Friday-Question

    Great - I switch from "D" to Dish because of a bundle package but also because I was told ( misinformed ) that I could get Cleveland locals in HD - one of the main reasons I made the switch! And every other post is "Cleveland HD locals coming end of week" - "Cleveland HD locals coming end of...
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    VIP722 via Logitech remote

    One other question - How "sensitive" is the Harmony's IR signal - I love the 722's remote because I don't have to have a rife scope mounted on it to point at the DVR like I used to have with my "D's" tivo remote.
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    VIP722 via Logitech remote

    Great Input!!! Love this site. Thanks!!
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    VIP722 via Logitech remote

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I need assistance. I have a new HDTV - a new DVD recorder - a new home theater system and Dish HD with a 722 DVR and TOO many remotes! While I have some of the functions programmed into the 722's remote I would love to consolidate all into one...
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    The Anticipation....I feel like a kid on Christmas

    I'm new to HDTV - I just bought an HDTV - I just switched to Dish HGTV - I watched HGTV - I MUST HAVE MORE HGTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    VIATALK and VIP622?

    I also tried the wireless phone jack route when I got a tivo but had the same problem - don't know if it was my phone lines or what ( someone told me the wireless phone jacks are very problematic ) but when I ran a line accross the room from the same jack to the tivo it worked fine so I took...
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    Buying TVs online...

    After much research I bought my 61" Sammy through Vann's in Montana - Being from Ohio I was really stressed about having such a big purchase coming accross country but it arrived in perfect shape, I was able to track the shipment all the way, and the shipper contacted me with an exact delivery...