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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    This is a follow-up reminder that your Access Slim subscription price will change to $39.99/mo.* on December 16, 2017, your next subscription renewal date. Thank you for your continued support. - The PlayStation[emoji769]Vue Team
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    Canadian IPTV providers

    I really want CBC and CTV here in the states. Does any one legally sell them over IP.
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    SiriusXM adds France 24 audio simulcast

    It's been removed. This was one of my favorite channels to listen to.
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    Slang sure has been sucking lately

    Auto correction - let's make America great again :) Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Slang sure has been sucking lately

    For the last three days I've been trying to watch Mr. Robot on USA via Sling and it keeps cutting out. Totally unacceptable. Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    Tell me about this C-QUAM exciter you speak of. What brand is it?
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    Fox News?

    It just surprised me. I had to listen to Fox News on the Sirius XM Radio. Sling seems like its run a lot better then Sirius XM Radio and thus would be a no brainer to sign a contract with to get Fox News on the Sling system.
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    Fox News?

    I was surprised to learn that Fox News is not available on Sling. Any theories on this?
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    Terrible performance tonight

    It is 12:25 AM local time on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning I was watching Halt and Catch Fire on AMC using Sling and the frame rate was just terrible. LAN and WAN tested fine and I even rebooted my one month old IMac. Sling needs to do better!!!!!!!
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    Apple TV Offer

    Yes they ship you the Apple TV directly to your home. From another thread on this topic.
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    I just picked up a Realistic TM-152 AM Stereo receiver from a local ham operater in town. Works like a champ.
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    Sling TV on Apple TV Now Available

    The Apple TV arrived today. I have to say I am not impressed with it. I would consider myself an Apple guy and own multiple Iphones and Ipads however this Apple TV in my mind is horribly implemented. That is of course no fault of Sling.
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    Sling TV on Apple TV Now Available

    I took advantage of the offer and ordered mine on June 15th 2016. As of today June 24 2016 still not shipped and no tracking number. Credit card has been billed. I will keep the forum posted.
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    Sling TV on Apple TV Now Available
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    DMR in Minnesota

    For those hams located in Minnesota. We now have five wide area UHF DMR repeaters located in the following cities; Burnsville, Faribault, Medina, Minnetonka and Rochester. We have fill in repeaters in Dayton, Minneapolis, and Oakdale. We are actively working on bringing coverage to the Brainerd...