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    Dish reruns every 3 hours ridiculous??

    Basically it's not Dish that's determining what's shown and when, it's the content providers. If you switch to Direct or Cable, you'll get the same channels, with the same formats..
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    Sudden Lost of Sat Signal on 119 and 129

    The astronauts did it?
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    Sudden Lost of Sat Signal on 119 and 129

    I'm for the intern and the switch theory. :up
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    Sudden Lost of Sat Signal on 119 and 129

    Having a hell of a time acquiring...
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    Sudden Lost of Sat Signal on 119 and 129

    119 is breathing again. 32 signal strength.
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    Sudden Lost of Sat Signal on 119 and 129

    119 gone, 62 signal strength on 110 (usually closer to 100. (Transponder 8) Southeast Atlanta area.
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    Pioneer 640H-S DVR Setup with Dish Network

    You would have to have the Pioneer use TV1 on the 322, and then use TV2 for your TV. TV1 will support the IR blaster from your Pioneer unit to accept remote signals. TV2 is RF only and will NOT work with the IR blaster. So basically you need two connections to your TV. One from TV2 (so...
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    Recording on Dish with 2 VCR's 2 rooms

    My suggestion: Ditch the wife. Seriously, DVR is tons easier to deal with than tape. Unless she keeps ALL the episodes she records forever. Even then, she can just tape those she wants to keep..
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    NHL uses Dish DVR

    That'd be stupid, I would think. Sure they'll get the Dish feed but it'd be delayed and NOWHERE near as good as other DVR equipment out there, especially the feed from the production rooms. More than likely they're using a DVR with a jog/shuttle wheel so they can do precise tracks
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    Court tv?

    Hm... Yeah, it says CourtTV in the guide on 204, but when tuned it has the Biography channel bug. Currently playing 'Murder She Wrote' Atlanta area /w Top120
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    PS3's Does ANYBODY still want one?

    I don't think that's true. And that's also comparing two different things. The PS3 has the graphics engine, but the Wii has the more interesting control system. I don't know why people keep saying the Wii is only a kiddy system. I think it's more like an 'Everyone' system whereas the PS3 is a...
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    Interesting situation

    Pretty much what you said, you didn't call up and agree to the lease. It's just like a cellphone. If you don't want a contract, you have to pay full price for the phone. They make up for the cost of equipment in the fact that you say you'll pay them at least x amount for y amount of time. Also...
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    If I just terminate my contract early...

    Nope, I believe the wait is a lot longer than that, if they'll even let you back as a 'new customer' without using someone else's information (Which I think qualifies as some sort of theft or whatnot?)
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    What should we do if someone sends a PM concering illegal activity?

    Okay, I think I get the basic idea of account stacking (Getting a secondary reciever on your account and letting the neighbor use it) And this is probably a stupid question which I know the answer to, is it a problem to let the neighbor use my Dish (meaning, connect to my LNB) to save having...
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    Install Delayed Again and again and again and again

    The only problem I have with DirectTV is ALL of their boxes are slow as hell. Especially on the guides.