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    Best and smallest antenna for an apartment??

    hi iceberg how about this antenna john
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    Fave TV and Skyangel

    here is a webpage about the new service fave tv john
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    PBJ TV

    huckleberry hound quick draw mcdraw tom and jerry is cool, felix the cat :) old cartoons rule. john
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    Best/Worst subchannel in your market

    i love metv and thistv i watch some stuff on cw john
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    EVERY weekend about this time, ME and THIStv vanish like clockwork! Crazy...

    i have metv and the local station put in their own commericals cutting out good scenes and when metv about to show their promo on their new fall schedule they cut it out with their local commericals. there is way too many commericals on tv anymore. john
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    Blockbuster to close Dallas Distribution Center

    we have family video here and i'm so glad too. i have one 1/2 mile from me. About Us - Family Video john
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    nasa tv

    bye bye charter return all my equipment . going ota only be watching nasa tv via the internet in hd. nasa tv is a great learning channel. and mars rover landing tonite. dish and directv has nasa tv. john
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    music choice

    you will need a digital cable box from charter. my channel lineup Channel Lineup john
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    music choice

    hi music choice you need a digital box now . its in demand too TV Listings and john
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    My Neighbor's Must Hate Me !

    hi, in my apartment you are not allowed any outside antenna. so i made this bow-tie antenna it works great except i can't receive cbs-mynetwork tv in la croasse wisconsin which is vhf only. i get the rest, fox,nbc, abc,cw, thistv and my pbs stations all coming in great. yes the antena is ugly...
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    i'm in love i now have metv on weux-me channel 48-2 alot of my favorite old time tv shows so cool in eau claire wisconsin. here is their webpage John:D
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    Ozzy Osbourne Launches his Own SiriusXM Channel

    more talk less rock ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no it isn't so. my beloved boneyard. john
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    YouToo TV an additional channel or a replacement channel?

    hi here is their new webpage Youtoo - The Leader in Social TV john
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    Good uses for old dishes.

    amateur radio ops uses 10 foot dishes to bounce signals off the moon back to earth for communications. john
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    Homemade Antenna?

    antenna height is very important. higher the better. get above the tree tops will help alot. line of sight is very important TV Signal Guide-Outdoor Antennas john