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    Adding A Tivo Unit - Installation ?

    I recently a 3 room system. One room has an R10, while the other two rooms have the standard receivers. The dish is an 18x20 with a triple LNB. I was thinking about adding an additional Tivo unit in one of the bedrooms. I am guessing that I will need to run an additional coax line to the...
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    Line of Sight Question

    I do not want HD or international... I am guessing you mean that the satellite is much higher, meaning the trees will not get in the way... What about the contract question??
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    Line of Sight Question

    I live in Atlanta... 30319.
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    Line of Sight Question

    I tried ordering DishNetwork a couple of weeks ago (before finding this forum) The installer came out and could not find a line of sight anywhere in my yard or on my house, because of a number of large trees. They sent two other guys out to try, but neither were successful. The last guy said...
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    Ordering question

    I am planning on ordering DirecTV and would like to add at least one Tivo unit. CC and BB have the new unit for sale for around $100. The directv website only shows the 35hr unit as available for ordering with a new setup. Can I just have the installer install the standard receivers and then...