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    Dish Headlines Channel

    you can also do the 4 pip channels if you have a hopper 3, (might be available on others)
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    external hard drive test

    all 5 drives have the same issue ?? is the wording that they must be formatted to work with the receiver, or specifically that they have been used with another receiver ?? if just a format message, most likely the superblock got messed up, not a big deal, all data is still there, and the...
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    Problems with External Harddrive

    superblocks seems to have an issue, ran into that before with my 722k, all data is still there, just need to use linux to repair the superblock
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    Hopper 3 freezing on PIP sports bar mode

    strange, haven't used the 4 pip; in a long time, tried it after seeing this. H3 rebooted after the tv lost signal, mode not available, or something. after the reboot it worked just fine.
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    Dish Network External Hard Drive

    data was never lost, are you asking about repairing the superblock ?? or are you asking about when my hopper3 tossed all my files in the lost&found ?? the superblock is stored in several locations on the drive, basically it takes a backup to overwrite or repair the bad one. this is all done...
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    Dish Network External Hard Drive

    guessing your superblock needs to be repaired. the h3 sees the drive, thats why it asks to reformat. repairing the superblock will keep all your recordings in tact, nothing will be lost. i had to do this more than a few times with my 622/722 days. recently had my h3 scramble a drive i was...
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    54 remote Joey 4k, pause issue

    Say, if the remote has been sitting, or the show playing for a bit. If I hit pause most of the time the play symbol shows up, and skips a bit forward. Hit pause again it works, and for the next bit of time Not sure what or why, but has anyone else seen this?? Thanks for your time Joel
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    so is through amazon channels the better way to get hbo, vs the hbo standalone app, (go or now, you know the one) thanks
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    Locast app now added to the hopper 3 DVR

    it must only work if you are in 1 of the listed cities. Twin cities MN gave an error
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    Hopper won't recognize my external hard drives

    EHD H3 lost all listings, space used shown correctly went through this myself, replacing the receiver won't fix anything. ext2explore lets you check in windows the folder structure. mine were all moved to lost&found (not the app to fix it, just a quick check)
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    Copy Shows from EHD on VIP612 to Hopper 3?

    might be a superblock error, fairly easy to repair, it is backed up in several locations. the drive is seen, thats why it asks to reformat it linux, or ext2explore in windows can show drive information there are 2 folders per partition, Disharc, and lost&found , each show/movie is in its own...
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    Hopper 3 OTA Antenna

    AirTV Dual-Tuner Adapter seems to be the way to fly, Products | AirTV there is a thread, new dual tuner or something here as well that talks about this airtv one any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle? hope this helps.
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    U528 new software 12/11/2018 on hopper 3 DVR

    i am saying these were not like this last night!!! the graphic might not be new, but the graphic on all my folders and shows is new. thats all, and i'm not the only one seeing it, Done, ..........
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    U528 new software 12/11/2018 on hopper 3 DVR

    Negative! all these didn't show New bold like that last night. All of these are not new. Sorry I didn't notice?? Snarky sounding probably just how you are
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    U528 new software 12/11/2018 on hopper 3 DVR

    i know what the auto hop is, guess we are talking about different things i know what my wife and i are seeing