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    swap joey 2 for 3 worth it if free ??

    faster is good, as long as no negatives, sounds like I made an ok decision :)
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    swap joey 2 for 3 worth it if free ??

    hello, called retention to work on my bill, and since i had to do a 24mo, I asked about swapping my joey 2 for joey 3 boxes. any regrets from people who have done this ?? I have a 4k joey also with my hopper3 so guessing speed will be similar. they are scheduled for the morning, waived the 3...
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    hmm, seemed colors on the OTA fox looked much better.....
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    Separate/split ethernet from coax connected to DishTV Joey

    DISH Network Internet Connector (ES190149) this will work, just add it at the location you want the internet to the tv. i have this setup, at 1 smart tv location split off my 4k joey.
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    New TV Issue with Hopper Through Denon

    just got a new 75x950h sony tv, and denon receiver, i saw the hopper 3 name, and thought it was because it went through a hdmi splitter, guess not, lol do you use any cec controls, for the hopper through the deonon or no ?? (replaced a older samsung and denon without 4k) (sorry for kicking...
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    DISH Anywhere buffering?

    add the dish anywhere app on the fire stick.
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    That's my plan if it acts up again.... Been good still here
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    well, my stuff is still working well. no changes i don't believe. the only possible change was ensuring the ota adapter was on the outside of the cables, and not in the middle with contact. this makes it as feww air as possible. i did check connections at the joey 4k, and found nothing.. that...
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    got ya... so if it acts up again, just remove the adapter from the usb and check if its cleared up ?? no reset or reboot or anything ?? thank you for your time
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    seems im running into this also. we have 2 joeys, a 4k joey, and the hopper 3. the 4k has acted up a few times just in the last 48 hours.. strange, this morning 1 joey was working fine, the other joey, and the joey 4k were pixelated. i have a internet connector at the 4k location. resetting the...
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    Dish Headlines Channel

    you can also do the 4 pip channels if you have a hopper 3, (might be available on others)
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    external hard drive test

    all 5 drives have the same issue ?? is the wording that they must be formatted to work with the receiver, or specifically that they have been used with another receiver ?? if just a format message, most likely the superblock got messed up, not a big deal, all data is still there, and the...
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    Problems with External Harddrive

    superblocks seems to have an issue, ran into that before with my 722k, all data is still there, just need to use linux to repair the superblock
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    Hopper 3 freezing on PIP sports bar mode

    strange, haven't used the 4 pip; in a long time, tried it after seeing this. H3 rebooted after the tv lost signal, mode not available, or something. after the reboot it worked just fine.
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    Dish Network External Hard Drive

    data was never lost, are you asking about repairing the superblock ?? or are you asking about when my hopper3 tossed all my files in the lost&found ?? the superblock is stored in several locations on the drive, basically it takes a backup to overwrite or repair the bad one. this is all done...