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    Does It Mean That Nfl Network Is Coming To Cablevision?

    I have made a lot of e-mails on the Cablevision site that there is major change to the channel line-up effective 11/15. Among them is the addition of NFL Network on channel 148 which will mean no more wasted channels on iO digital cable. Cablevision should work a multi-year deal to add NFL...
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    $300 to Switch from Cablevision to Directv

    Trust me, if we switch to directv, we will have $30-$35 in our pocket that we can use for something other than paying for cable.
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    Wasted Channels!

    There is a reason why I hate NBATV!!!!! Channels 148 and 430 are both NBATV and it is a huge waste!!!!! NFL Network has to be on channel 148 so that all customers will get a fair chance to see 7 of the eight games this season. Of course, the Giants/Redskins game will be seen over-the-air.
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    NFL Network?

    Oh, come on, Cablevision MUST add NFL Network so that customers will have a chance to not only see the eight prime-time games in the push to the playoffs, but also NFL Europe, NFL Preseason and much more.