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    Roku Channel Expands to More Than 100 Live Linear Channels

    SLOW TV has the train trips. We get a slimmed down version of Pluto TV here in Canada (only 14 channels!) and it is one of them. Channel 597, which might be the same for you, or not!
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    XKU LNB Question

    If you mean to get the free to air channels on 103W, such as NBC, Cozi, NHK, etc. the answer is, you might. The 60e is a bit small, but it might be possible. I haven't tried aiming a 60e at 103W (but have some success with other satellites, see my signature below). The LNB (left one from...
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    The 100

    It is on Wednesdays, but the first episode was on May 20th (now two days ago, rather than the yesterday I said yesterday, LOL)
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    The 100

    Started yesterday on PIX 11
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    Sponge as 45 degree reflector holder

    I would think that a parabolic reflector, rather than a flat surface would be necessary to re-focus the signal to avoid signal loss, similar to the dual reflector dishes I have seen before.
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    Weak Orby signal in Central NY?

    Perhaps you can post photos of your install, showing the dish, LNB, the direction the dish is pointing, etc. Someone might pick up something from that.
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    97W Assryasat has Monday Night Movie

    I think it is this movie:
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    Forgot the basics on polarity

    Plus, if you are getting CGTN, then you are on 95W, not 91W. There aren't any vertical transponders active.
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    OTHER Signal Strength Weaker at Night

    I would think that the tree would be a problem all the time, and not just at night. However, it might be a future problem, so best to deal with it now! I don't think you have necessarily eliminated the coax as the problem, sometimes it is not obvious by visual inspection. The best way to check...
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    OTHER Signal Strength Weaker at Night

    Doesn't sound like it is the LNBs, so I'd check the coax, replace the connector, or bypass the coax with another one, if possible. Take your receiver out to the dish, etc. to check signal levels at the source, if you can. I recall having a strange problem once where the signals on three...
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    AZBOX New firmware version 0.9.5402 for AzBox Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models

    Found this site: To download (if files are still there) you would have to join the forum.
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    Anything New Out There?

    RT HD was in the same mux as NHK HD and CGTN HD on 103, but is gone now.
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    Star Trek: Picard

    LOL! That post wasn't there when I started mine, and then went and checked the length of the episodes, and checked the time length for the next episode.
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    Star Trek: Picard

    I record onto DVD (then take it into my computer and cut out the commercials) from CTV Sci-Fi channel (formerly Space Channel) here in Canada. Episodes 1 to 5 were the standard 43-45 minutes (all times also include credits at the end). Episode 6 was about 54 minutes, Episode 7 (the longest so...
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    Help selecting Right FTA Setup

    What receiver are you using? As Brian says, it should be OK (as long as it does DVB-S2 and MPEG4/HD). There has been a substantial loss of channels since your installation. For example, just in the last three years G19 has gone from 18 transponders down to 13, and from around 200 channels down...