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    Satlink WS-6906 problems among others.

    Yes, those are the correct settings.
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    Getting back into the FTA game

    Four channel NBC mux on 103 is now at 11910 H 4600 (see On 91 there is a two channel mux from Grand Junction, CO (Fox and CBS, both are listed at and Good luck with Montana PBS on 125! Back in November some of us had problems with the PBS mux, which...
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    True, I do expect some signal changes, but not as large as I have seen the past two days after the signal was boosted/corrected. As well, I haven't seen a corresponding major drop in Montana. Re-checking my numbers, the 10-15 loss I reported above was actually closer to 20% , which is a...
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    While I have been getting good signal during the day (mid/high 70s) I have noticed a significant drop (at least 10-15%) at around 10-11 pm EST lasting at least until after 2 am (last time I checked before bed). By morning it is back to mid/high 70s. I did go out today to check my dish...
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    Noticed the same thing early this morning (12.25 am), an increase of about 15 from my previous reading two hours prior (58-59 to 73-76). Has been stable (actually a slight increase) this morning. Will have to see what happens later today, but certainly looks promising!
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    In the "Mark forums read" you use to be able to mark all forums (as it is now) or only select the current forum you are in. Any way to bring that back? As well, there use to be a new post count "bubble" nearby it, which I found helpful (especially since I automatically go the the FTA forum to...
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    I like it back on the right!
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    That was the case back in 2014 with OETA when they were on 125W, the engineer at the station (thread on it over at had to do some minor adjustments to their 6.3M transmit antenna alignment for “center of box” which corrected a similar cyclical fading.
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    Like mc6809e, I have been keeping readings these past few days. Unlike him, I haven't been including the weather report! IIRC most days have been cloudy or with sun, no rain. Today was mainly sunny, with cloudy periods at times. Attached are the readings. What I have noticed is that mid-day is...
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    Help identifying satellite

    You are on 101W (I don't have an LNB on the satellite any more, but my list of transponders matches some of the ones you got).
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    As noted above, I am using an 80cm, and tonight my SQ is up to 56-58 (on the Azbox) with no pixelation, up from 52 (where I had pixelation) earlier today.
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    The signal has definitely dropped recently. I reported on a thread here back in August that I was getting the PBS Mux at 90-92 SQ on the AzBox on an 80cm dish. I did notice a drop the last few days (but no picture loss or pixelation). Today I am getting SQ at 52 with strong pixelation, didn't...
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    need help with recent changes

    I am assuming that you have the 75e set up correctly as far as skew and elevation for your location. If so, then by your statement above, "It looks exactly like the same positioning as my old round dish but I cannot get a signal." do you mean that the LNB arm of the new dish is pointed to the...
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    97W Assryasat has Monday Night Movie

    Looks like they are repeating the movie right now.
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    Press TV on 97W

    Press TV is back, now on 12029 H 22000.