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    HDMI Version on the 922?

    It has a HDMI 1.3 transmitter.
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    Screenshots of current ViP922 software?

    I saw the ViP922K last summer, but I understand Dish Network made a number of improvements to the interface over the past 3-5 months. Since it looks like we are nearing release, could someone not under NDA post screenshots of the EPG, channel bar, and various other menus to show the current...
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    TiVo Sued: A Taste of Their Own Medicine

    Perhaps because Microsoft has done it before? Microsoft legal has sought a change of venue on multiple occasions, and given the i4i result, I think they'd do anything possible to avoid another case in the Eastern District of Texas. In any case, the Court ruled on the motion yesterday.
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    TiVo files patent infringement lawsuits against AT&T and Verizon

    TiVo's applications do describe prior art and how their patent differs from earlier DVR patents: That's the core of their "invention." It's applicable to DVRs with low-cost, low-performance embedded CPUs that implement the method. It may not be applicable to PC applications. The two key...
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    TiVo files patent infringement lawsuits against AT&T and Verizon

    I looks like Verizon got the 'B' team with a new litigator and AT&T got the 'A' team with Irell & Manella (Morgan Chu, etc). The AT&T DVR runs Microsoft's STB DVR software, so that isn't entirely surprising.
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    TiVo files patent infringement lawsuits against AT&T and Verizon

    It's probably worth noting that patent doesn't necessarily cover just the way TiVo does it. A patent can cover several methods. TiVo has two different patents on overshoot correction: Automatic playback overshoot correction system (7,493,015) Automatic playback overshoot correction system...
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    Disappointed with my new Comcast boxes...

    You're probably aware of this, but you always have the option of a TivoHD or Moxi. Youtube video: Basic TiVo functionality (HD, 10min) Youtube video: Netflix, Youtube, Video Podcasts on TiVo (HD, 7min) Youtube video: Moxi (HD, 3min)
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    AMC, WE, IFC & FUSE HD all coming to FiOS in 4Q09!

    First reported here by a Verizon employee.
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    Home Media DVR Experience?

    No Motorola DVRs are DLNA complaint. I believe Verizon is looking at that feature for a future DVR.
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    FiOS: Real Cost?

    Most of those charges appear to be telephone related. Here's my latest bill for TV+Internet: $79.99 HD Extreme with 20/5 Internet bundle $21.99 HBO/Cinemax $5.99 (2) CableCards -- grandfathered $2.99/mo price $0.30 State Sales Tax $3.27 VA Communications Sales Tax $1.38 PEG Grant Fee...
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    FiOS and Tivo???

    Are you using a native or hybrid output mode? If so, try a fixed 720p or fixed 1080i mode. It isn't common, but there may be some channels distributed by smaller content providers with commercials inserted in a different resolution. Or the channel itself could use one resolution and Verizon...
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    FiOS and Tivo???

    When you tune to these channels, do you see [millions of] RS Uncorrected errors on Messages & Settings -> System Information -> DVR Diagnostics screens? If you don't see millions of RS Uncorrected errors, then the problem is part of the original picture signal coming from Verizon, and...
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    FiOS and Tivo???

    The linear TV channels are always delivered using coax, but the guide data and VOD is delivered using the data connection, which can be either coax or ethernet. Verizon will provision your data connection over ethernet if you've run the ethernet cable prior to their arrival. Verizon installers...
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    FiOS and Tivo???

    Note the new TiVo v11.0d software improves the robustness of the tuners such that attenuation is no longer necessary on FiOS. Under the 11.0c, the TiVo's tuners were far more sensitive to strong and slightly-out-of-spec signals and that was addressed (fixed) in 11.0d.
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    Big DVR patent news (TIVO owns it)

    TiVo's patent isn't on the ability to record, but an implementation to do it on low cost hardware. This makes it possible to support simultaneous recording and playback with trickplay in a $15-20 chip. If DVR manufacturers wanted to build $500-$800 DVRs based on 2+GHz AMD and Intel CPUs, then...