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    New Tribe Network Trying To Strike Deal With Cable Providers

    Tribe on Dish Network Agreement Reached Finally an agreement has been reached, I was getting a bit concerned this wasn't going to happen.
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    Dish Network boosts Indians Ratings

    Being from Cleveland, and living in Kansas, the Indians are the only reason I subsribe to MLB Extra Innings. Made sure they would be carrying the majority of the Indians games before subsribing to the package. Go Tribe!!
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    811 waiting list

    Got it as promised. Installer was here at 8:15 AM. Said it was only is 2nd install of an 811 but everything seems to be working great. I have not seen any of the problems others have mention on the forum ... yet..
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    811 waiting list

    Ordered my 811 on March 3rd. E-mailed the CEO after reading about the responses others got by doing so. They e-mailed me back and told me to call to schedule an install. They'll be here April 3rd.