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    DVR hard drive question

    So you could record 16 things and play back another 7 or so (with 5 Joeys plus main and PIP on the Hopper). This really isn't a big strain on modern hard drives. Streams will be buffered into efficient packets (I'm guessing between 1 and 10 seconds worth of data at a time) then written to the...
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    No Option For 1080i Anymore On Hopper 3?

    I have 511 and am getting 1080i. I'm not seeing any problems with the picture. What does your TV's info screen say it's receiving? Is this channel specific or on all channels?
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    Hopper remote operate Samsung Q7?

    Many (most??) TVs with BlueTooth remotes also accept IR signals. Hopper has a way to program the remote based on make and model without learning. It's also possible the Dish remote setup you used with your old Samsung TV MAY work with the new TV.
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    Problem with Dish 322 getting good check sat

    The axis and elevation numbers you get from the receiver are not necessarily correct. There are tables with the correct number but will give you the correct numbers for your zip code and dish type. In any rate, these numbers will only get you close and it's easy to be off by one...
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    TurboHD dish skew?

    If you are 40 degrees off the needed skew, you would only be getting signal from the center satellite. I suspect you are looking at skew numbers for Western Arc (110, 119, 129) but are on Eastern Arc (61, 72, 77). lists the skew for your zip as 128.3 degrees for Western Arc and...
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    Optical cable splitter

    What you are using is designed to send ONE optical signal two destinations. It will not combine/switch between two signal sources. Modern devices are typically not completely off and it's common for outputs to remain active even when the device is "off". Some TVs will route audio from HDMI...
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    Running RG6 and Cat6 in a new house

    My initial reaction is that putting all receivers, etc. in a central location might be a bad idea. It certainly means long HDMI cable runs as well as remote extenders. For Dish receivers and other devices that use RF rather than IR, extending remotes could be problematic. Most modern TV gear...
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    Hello Carbon Interface, Bye Bye Reliable DVR Experience

    No need to looks recordings on your H1 and H2 receivers. Simply transfer them to an external drive and play them from there on the H3 (or transfer them to the H3's internal drive). Check with DIRT and see if you can be upgrade at least your H1 to an H2 for free without additional commitments...
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    Hello Carbon Interface, Bye Bye Reliable DVR Experience

    Slowness of Hopper 1 with the new software has been reported many times here. Hopper 2 is a little slower than before but most report response is tolerable. I know there are reasons some customers want two receivers but an upgrade to a single Hopper 3 and two Joeys might work for you and would...
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    HWS to H3 setting question(s)

    I'm really sorry to hear that some have to wait 24, 48, 72 hours for things to update but in all of my upgrades everything has been immediate. No need to wait for anything. Guides update within an hour or so. Once restored, timers show up and work right away. If you have to wait more than a...
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    Sanity check and advice for new install

    It depends on the cable construction and the bandwidth of the signal (e.g., HD vs UHD (aka 4K) as well as bit depth). Monoprice and RUIPRO sell cables that work up to 18 Gb/s and 50-100' but are expensive ($230 for a 100' RUIPRO). For lower bandwidths, lower cost cables may work but your...
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    Hopper 3 and surge/spike protection on Coax and HDMI

    The dish and coax from it are supposed to be grounded before it enters your home. Nodes, switches and hubs are designed as grounding points, or a ground block can be used. This is supposed to protect equipment from "near misses" but not a direct hit. A direct lightning strike will deliver...
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    Copy Remote Programming

    My experience is that most (but not all) configuration settings ARE restored from the remote to the receiver as well as the timers.
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    Hopper 1/w Joey External HD Disappeared

    Dish external drives are formatted in unix EXT format. Cloning software may or may not format it properly or even allow the original to be cloned. If you have an OS that reads and writes EXT format disks, you may be able to use it to format the new disk properly and transfer material to it...
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    Change Joey from RF to IR w/ no remote

    Unpair the Hopper's remote from the Hopper and temporally pair it with the Joey.