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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    Broadband Software version: L622-RBGD-N Mode bug occurred in: Dual Dish setup: dish 500 Description of bug: Ethernet connection does not keep IP. Unit has had same IP since activation of Ethernet port by Dish. Both link and rx lights will blink. If the unit is hard reset (power cable pulled...
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    NYC Locals Issues?

    It's back again There has to be something on the uplink side as Dish keeps telling everyone that they have not heard this issue. Is there any way or anyone who can get this to Dish's attention from this forum or owners of this forums. I have OTA connected so I can check that its not happening...
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    NYC Locals Issues?

    North Central NJ I 'm also seeing the same issue, it starts with the thick cloud cover, I guess and then even when the clouds are out of the way it continues. The symptoms start with picture jittering then locking up with no sound, eventually after few sceconds the picture will solarize (gray...
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    SatelliteAV Motorized System Giveaway, We Have a Winner!

    Mercury II Merc II is what I would like.
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    L4.41 Software

    I noticed that ability to pay online thru Customer Service option on 622 is gone once I got 4.41! Is this happening to everyone? I will call E* later in the day.