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    DVR auto deleting records??

    You can setup protection on series you care about. It will delete other things instead.
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    Dish is showing horror movies in october.

    .... introducing the price hike channel. :)
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    Rain Fade .. day 1 after install :(

    You probably need to have the system peaked again. I had to have that done a few times after new dish installs. You might also want to check the connectors. The first install at my new house, there were several that were loose. I tightened everything and picked up a good amount of signal.
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    Guess who Dish is suing now...

    Dish protesting because of a ridiculous fee? lol :D
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    I like the phone app to schedule recordings. A lot of times I use that instead of the DVR. ( I mostly watch from a STB ). Other thing I noticed is that when you have 2 recordings with an EHD, the DVR will slow some.
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    VoIP Provider Recommendations

    I have voicepulse and think its great. I had AT&T callvantage before that. The one feature that I like most about voicepulse is the call handling. I setup a default rule to send everyone to voicemail, and then an "always ring" rule for "family" and "friends". That way only contacts in my...
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    I switched to voicepulse. Its not the cheapest, but my wife is fine with it. I even got my retired parents to use it. My mother doesn't even know how to turn on a computer and she is ok with voicepulse. Just a thought.
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    That's fine. Just wanted to let you know. :)
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    You have to select the triple play 35/35, ultimate, phone and then go to the next screen. Its $500. I think you can get $300 for any other triple play if you don't want to max it out.
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    Although, this still pops up for triple play... So, you pay $15 more for phone and get a $500 gift card. :)
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    I was curious, so I went and played with the sign up wizard. Looks like they don't have as good of deals now as they did a couple of months ago. When I signed up, it was basically the same price for either double play or triple play ( with or without phone ). Now its $15 more for phone, so I...
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    I use voicepulse too. :) I only have the Verizon line for the discounts and use it for fax now.
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    DIRT Helps Again

    I had that problem and was told that I had to have more than 10 items in my queue or I may not get a title.
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    I didn't want the triple play either, but thats where the discounts are. I got 35/35, Ultimate, and Phone for $154.37 a month after taxes. ( multiroom DVR and 2 STBs. - no other packages ) This is 2 year contract with the price locked in and I got a $500 gift card, which paid for groceries this...
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    Talk me out of leaving dish

    I was concerned about BBC America HD before I switched (Dish to FIOS), but I can hardly tell the difference. The SD quality on FIOS is pretty good, even on larger screens. Not perfect, but pretty good.