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    Anik F1R End of Life

    From what I can see the ku beams only cover South America and the down link antenna were probably designed that way. The extended ku that G1 uses to cover Canada is only licensed for Canadian coverage and does not and will not extend into the US.
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    Understanding the Shaw channel layout.

    In the interim until it is determined what the issue is that is causing tuner 2 to fail, in settings you can set the PVR to single tuner mode. This way you will not have issues tuning to every other channel. VE7 I assume you are a shortwave operator by your handle?
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    PVR830 Diagnostic Menu

    I believe if you go through this sequence on the 6xx or 8xx series you get some hidden screens OPTIONS, Status, System Status, INFO
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    Anik F1R End of Life

    Shaw Broadcast has announced the End of Life for Anik F1R Anik F1R EOL bulletin During this summer (2020) signals will move either to G1 or F2. The G1 moves will mean a few more signals will be lost in the south. No details yet on which signals will move or when. Expect both Shaw Broadcast...
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    Signal mystery

    Thanks for that I didn't know it was bouncing from 50 to 80. I am at a loss to explain your situation unless you have an obstruction that is blowing in the sight line of your dish.
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    Signal mystery

    As a rule if you get a fairly steady 10% you have connectivity between the receiver and LNB. The 10% is from memory it may be as high as 20. If you have no coax or connection to the LNB the signal meter should not be constant and may jump sporadically from zero to 30 plus or minus. If you...
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    Signal mystery

    The on screen signal meter for Shaw receivers will typically show a base reading of I believe 10% if the coax is hooked up to the LNB. The 10% indicates the LNB is getting power over the coax. As to the fluctuating meter if the coax is disconnected. I have seen this even if you set a 630 or...
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    Shaw satellite

    You can find one here from a previous thread.
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    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    Shaw is still using 4 transponders for mpeg4 HD services and Bell Media is using 2 transponders for transport of some of their Std Def services.
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    Anik G1 footprints

    Onzz Sorry it can't happen. The frequency which G1 uses to downlink its signals, is not allowed to cover the majority of US territory. In fact the G1 extended Ku signal is granted under a temporary authority. At some time in the future, when F1R and F2 are replaced, I would imagine the...
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    Shaw PVR830

    Here is a pic of the back of the 830. There is an optical output.
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    Shaw Direct channel changes

    CTV2 Alberta launched in HD on G1 today. Fashion TV Std Def also maps to a new location on G1 Both become inaccessible in a southern location. Also any receiver older than a 6xx, ie 500 series are no longer supported and the few channels they were receiving should be gone.
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    Shaw Direct channel changes

    Here is an updated F1R F2 Channel Guide with National numbering. The are a couple upcoming changes reflected like Fashion and CTV2 Alberta moving to G1 and IFC shutting down.
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    Shaw Direct channel changes

    The following channel signals were dropped in Standard Definition today. The HD version can be found on the following channel numbers. Anything highlighted in pink is on G1 and unavailable in more southern locations. From another forum the signals that have moved to F2 have been mapped into...
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    Hardware for Shaw services in Mexico

    You will have to wait a few days until it is moved to another transponder on an F bird and hopefully the channel maps will be updated by the 25th.